I was ready for him to arrive. I had been restless and tense with anticipation all day. As the time grew neared, my agitation and arousal became nearly unbearable. To prevent pouncing on him the second he stepped through the door I decided to take measures to get the edge off.

I have a rainbow of sex toys, so I decided to bring them all out at once. I stropped down to nothing and got to work. Squeezing and tugging on my nipples- wishing that he was there to lick and bite them. I reached down between my legs and slipped my fingers in, running my clit and fucking myself.

I started with my clit kisser and sighed as its gentle vibrations moved the tongue ever so softly over my clit and pussy lips. It was the perfect beginning to a slow subtle build up. But after a while I began to crave something with a bit more power to it.

My rabbit was the kind with a suction cup that you can attach to a wall or a smooth surface. I stepped into the shower with it and set the water to a warm pounding pressure. I lathered myself up, taking extra care between my legs. Then I straddled the rabbit and rode it hard – fucking and thrusting and longing for him to arrive and take over. I came with a moan and slipped out of the shower still ready for more.

I slipped back into bed and allowed Artemis to arouse me further with her soft spindles and clit teaser. By this time I had cum more than once and found that my hunger was so far from being sated that I thought I should share it with him. I called him up to find out when he would arrive. I told him what I had been doing and he asked me to carry on while I was on the phone with him, and that he was on his way.

I pulled out my mini tongue and tongue him how much I wanted to feel his tongue licking and sucking between my legs. I left out little moans and gasps as the vibrator did its work on me. I begged him to drive faster and I was wet and ready to feel his hard cock slamming into me. I told him all the ways that I wanted him to fuck me- that I wanted him to pull my hair and pin me down.

I had left the door unlocked, so he let himself into the house. He came into the bedroom to find me back with my rabbit- the enormous cock thrusting in and out of me as hard and fast as I could manage it while the little rabbit ears massaged my clit. He couldn’t take his eyes off me as he stripped naked – his penis already hot and erect from both the phone call, and the show that I was putting on for him.

He climbed over me opn the ned and took over my ride with the toy- plunging it in and out of me with sublime force- hammering my clit until I was screaming. He began to bite my nipples as I tugged and squeezed his cock with far more force than usual – both of us in too much of a frenzy of heat and arousal to be gentle with each other.

Without warning he threw the toy away and slammed himself into me – I begged him to fuck me harder and faster, digging my nails into his arms and biting his shoulder. Both of us were covered in sweat – our pelvises slipper and grinding against each other. I had never experienced sex so animalistic and carnal. Both of us grunting and moaning without reserve. Taking what we wanted from each other without thought or consideration.

He pulled my legs over his shoulders to plunge into me even deeper. Faster. Harder. With unceasing rhythm. I cam in a crashin wave- with my eyes rolling back into my head. But he was still going- relentlessly fucking. Harder. Deeper. Faster. No tenderness, pure primal fucking. He came with a loud moan and shudder – then he lay on top of me gasping and panting.