Silk Scarves are so Sharon Stone…

Of course he could tie me up. How polite that he would ask. Why else did I have silk scarves in my bag? (Duchess trivia: ever since I heard what is most likely an urban legend (or was it a Stephen King novel?) about the woman who was handcuffed in a cabin and her partner died of a heart attack, handcuffs make me a bit squeamish. And not in a good way)

I lay there pleasantly sated and let him run the scarves teasingly all over me. Tickling. Tantalizing.

He seemed to be considering his options….
Eventually he stood me up on the ground, and tied my wrists above my head to one of the bed posts. Then he knelt down. Odd to see a man in this position.

He licked up my thighs and caressed behind my knees accidentally finding one of my hidden hot spots. I let out a gasp and he seemed quite pleased with himself, seeing the sudden wetness. He pulled my hips towards him and buried his tongue between my legs. But only for a few moments. Just enough to make my eyes glaze a bit and my breathing speed up.

Then he picked me up, hands still suspended above me and impaled me on his cock. My legs wrapped around his waist, back arched against the bed post. He yanked my hair back with glorious force and started sucking on my tongue. Then biting my earlobes, neck and nipples. I would have thought that this position would be limiting, but he managed to slam into me with surprising strength and stamina.

He eventually untied my hands, and lay on the bed. With my hands free I was able to play with his nipples, and scratch him while riding him. I do appreciate a man who can handle a bit of roughness without being a baby about it.

He then sat up, reached down and started rubbing my clit while I rode him. He held my wrists behind me and I again arched my back and just went with the sensations, almost losing the ability to concentrate on keeping up the rhythm with him.

I could have gone on like this forever, but suddenly I felt him thrusting a bit harder and faster, and then there was nothing but exquisite release…