From Behind

He came up behind me and began fondling my breasts. I could feel his hot breath on the back of my neck and the roughness of his hands through my blouse.

He grabbed my hips and pulled me back into him – his pelvis rubbed against my ass and I could feel the evidence of his arousal through the layers of our clothing.

He was content for the moment to simply rub up against me – reveling in the sensation of closeness – drawing out each moment like a taste of fine wine – each exquisite sip demanding to be savoured and enjoyed. It would be a sin not to really; and there was so much other sinning to be done that night.

His hands began moving again – exploring each curve and movement of my form with agonizing slowness and thoroughness.

He began murmuring in my ear. Telling me how sexy I was, how much I turn him on, how he would like to fuck me, but that he was going to make me beg for it. I closed my eyes and sighed with contentment and warmth. Though his words weren’t particularly original or poetic, they still reverberated through me. Making me feel desired and sensual.

I arched my back against him, encouraging him to focus more time and caresses to my now protruding breasts. I do love to have my nipples played with. As if on cue, he began to unbutton my blouse and let it drop to the floor.

His breath on my back caused me to shiver with delicious anticipation. His rough hands reached into my bra to pinch my nipples, which had become increasingly hard and sensitive – the slightest touch eliciting jolts of heat between my legs.

I could hear each article of clothing teasingly fall away. First his tie, which has tantalizingly tickled my legs with before letting it drop. Then his jacket. And then he unbuttoned his shirt with agonizing slowness. I think I could hear each button as it was released, and then finally it too was removed.

He ran his nails up and down my ribs. A gesture both tickling and gentle – almost incongruent with the carnal violation that we both knew was forthcoming. With the other hand he unclipped my bra and threw it with more than a little drama across the room. He pressed his chest against my back and blew into my ear- creating shivers, and an involuntary arching of my back against his torso.

I sensed him backing away slightly, and then felt the unexpected wetness of his tongue trailing up my spine. His hands gripped my hips and clutched me closer to him. I could feel the bulge of his cock – pulsing, straining, willing me to worship and crave it. He rubbed it against my ass- teasing me with what was sure to come.

I reached back to rub his cock- to take some measure of control in the scenario, but he was having none of it. He reached down for his tie, pushed my hands out in front of me and tied them at the wrists. The feeling of utter helplessness and imminent violation was almost unbearable. I could feel my panties becoming increasingly wet by the second and my breath had turned into lust-filled pants. I was completely his slave. His will commanded exactly how far, how hot, and how rough things would get.

I wanted him to consume me. To pull my hair, and bite me and slam himself into me. To take me as his possession. To be used. To perform each carnal act with utter abandon and loss of control. To treat me as a toy whose entire raison d’etre was for the commission of his enjoyment.

I heard the soft slip of his pants easing down his legs. He yanked down my skirt with an abrupt motion and I gasped as I felt his nails scrape lightly down my thighs. Tiny little tell-tale marks of passion, too soon faded.

Only the barest wisp of fabric separated us. Thin sheaths of cotton and lace prevented the consummation of our quickening desire. His enlarged cock pressed against me – torturing me with its taunting presence. An inconsequential slip of material rubbing up against me with mischief – denying me the pleasure of being overtaken and consumed by him.

I was caught- agonizingly suspended in an eternal state of lust-filled anticipation. My cunt dripping, nipples hard, my entire body feverish and shaking. He had absolute command of me, and he teased me by appearing to care more about the journey than reaching the destination.

Finally he acquiesced to my silent plea. He slipped my little lace nothing down over my hips and I impatiently kicked them away. He had already finished stripping himself – and continued his delicious teasing of my ass with his penis, rubbing it up and down the crack.

His hand reached between my legs and rubbed my clit softly – but even the slightest touch caused waves of heat to wash over me.

He gently ran his fingers through my hair, then roughly pulled my head back. I nearly came with pleasure in that moment – it was the definition of sublime bliss. To have my hair pulled; to be handled and taken was all I wanted.

He pushed my head down so I was bent over, and pulled my ass closer to him. He was no longer interested in the journey- it seemed we had arrived.

I felt him plunge into me hard and fast. He gripped my hips bruisingly adding to my delirium. He slammed into me without apology or remorse. No doubt the next day my body would be covered in breathtaking reminders of his possession of me.

My head and breasts rocked back and forth in time to my moans and his thrusting. Pure carnal fucking was the only way to describe the experience. No tenderness or romance. No intimate eye contact sharing an erotic moment.

In fact we hadn’t looked at each other or kissed the entire time. He simply took from me what I was more than willing to give. I was his living, breathing toy. And he used me until we were both spent.


I was ready for him to arrive. I had been restless and tense with anticipation all day. As the time grew neared, my agitation and arousal became nearly unbearable. To prevent pouncing on him the second he stepped through the door I decided to take measures to get the edge off.

I have a rainbow of sex toys, so I decided to bring them all out at once. I stropped down to nothing and got to work. Squeezing and tugging on my nipples- wishing that he was there to lick and bite them. I reached down between my legs and slipped my fingers in, running my clit and fucking myself.

I started with my clit kisser and sighed as its gentle vibrations moved the tongue ever so softly over my clit and pussy lips. It was the perfect beginning to a slow subtle build up. But after a while I began to crave something with a bit more power to it.

My rabbit was the kind with a suction cup that you can attach to a wall or a smooth surface. I stepped into the shower with it and set the water to a warm pounding pressure. I lathered myself up, taking extra care between my legs. Then I straddled the rabbit and rode it hard – fucking and thrusting and longing for him to arrive and take over. I came with a moan and slipped out of the shower still ready for more.

I slipped back into bed and allowed Artemis to arouse me further with her soft spindles and clit teaser. By this time I had cum more than once and found that my hunger was so far from being sated that I thought I should share it with him. I called him up to find out when he would arrive. I told him what I had been doing and he asked me to carry on while I was on the phone with him, and that he was on his way.

I pulled out my mini tongue and tongue him how much I wanted to feel his tongue licking and sucking between my legs. I left out little moans and gasps as the vibrator did its work on me. I begged him to drive faster and I was wet and ready to feel his hard cock slamming into me. I told him all the ways that I wanted him to fuck me- that I wanted him to pull my hair and pin me down.

I had left the door unlocked, so he let himself into the house. He came into the bedroom to find me back with my rabbit- the enormous cock thrusting in and out of me as hard and fast as I could manage it while the little rabbit ears massaged my clit. He couldn’t take his eyes off me as he stripped naked – his penis already hot and erect from both the phone call, and the show that I was putting on for him.

He climbed over me opn the ned and took over my ride with the toy- plunging it in and out of me with sublime force- hammering my clit until I was screaming. He began to bite my nipples as I tugged and squeezed his cock with far more force than usual – both of us in too much of a frenzy of heat and arousal to be gentle with each other.

Without warning he threw the toy away and slammed himself into me – I begged him to fuck me harder and faster, digging my nails into his arms and biting his shoulder. Both of us were covered in sweat – our pelvises slipper and grinding against each other. I had never experienced sex so animalistic and carnal. Both of us grunting and moaning without reserve. Taking what we wanted from each other without thought or consideration.

He pulled my legs over his shoulders to plunge into me even deeper. Faster. Harder. With unceasing rhythm. I cam in a crashin wave- with my eyes rolling back into my head. But he was still going- relentlessly fucking. Harder. Deeper. Faster. No tenderness, pure primal fucking. He came with a loud moan and shudder – then he lay on top of me gasping and panting.

Just Sweet Enough…

He slid into the booth, put his hand on my knee and kissed me hello.

He looked pleasantly surprised when he ran his hand up my thigh and discovered my nylons were actually lace stay-up stockings. As a result, his hand did not leave my upper thigh the entire evening.

We ordered drinks and engaged in the requisite small talk. Occasionally he would lean in to kiss my lips or neck. I didn’t mind – at least it was a clear signal that he was interested.

After a few hours of talking he walked me back to my car and leaned in for a final kiss. He had me pinned – my back to the car door, with one arm around my waist. Then without warning his other hand quickly slipped under my skirt and into my panties. My gasp of shock quickly turned into a moan as he thrust his tongue into my mouth and began rubbing my clit – immediately resulting in heat, wetness and my pulling him closer to me.

He began nibbling on my earlobe, whispering that he wanted to fuck me tonight- there in the parking lot- in the back seat of my car.

I hesitated. Torn between caution and desire. But I’ve never been a fan of car sex – it’s cramped and something that I associated with horny teenagers avoiding their parents, not consenting adults. Besides – I felt it was good to make him wait a bit.

That decision made in my head, I couldn’t help teasing him a little first – biting his lower lip and rubbing his crotch while I pretended to consider his proposition.

I could feel his cock straining for release, so I unzipped his pants to lightly caress it – glad for the moment that we were in a relatively isolated corner of the parking lot.

As I would about to send him on his way for the evening, he took matters into his own hands – yankming down my panties and lifting my leg over his hip. He rubbed his erect cock against my hot slippery cunt, telling me again how much he wanted me.

I moaned my acquiescence and felt him thrust into me at that same moment. No hesitation- outside the car in a public parking lot. He slammed into me hard and fast, and we were done before anyone had the chance to come out and notice us.

He demurely kissed me goodnight, told me that it was nice meeting me and that he hoped we could do it again soon.

I agreed with the sentiment.

Fantasy Fuck: Sex With a Stranger

The cabin was huge and luxurious. I knew no one there save the host couple. A gloriously relaxing weekend lay ahead of me…there were about a dozen of us there in total, and each couple or single guest had their own room. Bliss.

That first night after dinner everyone decided to go to the bar in town – relishing the idea of the having the cabin to myself I opted to stay behind. I decided to take a shower, then snuggle into my bed with a book – I was tired from the long drive out to the lake.

The water pressure was surprisingly strong for a cabin and I enjoyed feeling the spray pounding my body. It soothed away all tensions, and as I lathered and caressed myself I slipped into a state of warm, moist relaxation. Feeling pleasantly wet and aroused I stepped into my room wearing nothing but a towel and a smile.

Suddenly I felt a hot body press up against me from behind- squeezing my breasts and reaching below my towel. Before I had a chance to feel alarm I felt his fingers slip between my legs and begin rubbing my clit. Then all I felt was heat and pleasure- my back involuntarily arching – thrusting out my breasts into his groping palm.

He yanked off my towel, turned me around and I found that I vaguely recognized him from dinner. It seems I wasn’t the only one who stayed behind. He was naked and his exquisitely cut body was already wet and hard.

Still rubbing my clit, he leaned down to suck my nipples – biting them with unapologetic and delicious pain. I moaned and found myself pressing tighter against his chest. He pushed me back towards the bed, so I lay with my knees over the edge, feet touching the floor. He leaned over and pinned my hands over my head with one hand, thrusting his tongue in my mouth and squeezing my nipple with his other hand. His hard cock rubbed against my cunt – back and forth teasing it – making me wetter and panting more with each passing second.

Then suddenly his cock was gone and my nipple released. But I had no time to register a sense of loss or disappointment before I felt a quick darting tongue between my legs. My hands still over my head, I clenched the blankets above me as he tongue fucked me and sucked up my juices.

Wave after wave of heat and pleasure rolled over me. I had no capacity for word or thought. I could feel myself shuddering and he sucked on my clit and made me orgasm for what felt like an eternity.

He was still hot and hard and I didn’t want him to leave before he’d fucked me. He was sstanding over me glistening and erect – so I sat up and began stroking his penis. The stroking changed to sucking and soon I moved back onto the bed and had him kneeling over me on all fours. Licking his shaft, massaging his balls, teasing the head with my tongue to taste his wetness.

I wanted to be fucked. I wanted feel that cock slamming into me. I wanted to be violated and used. So I stopped sucking and told him to fuck me hard. Now.

Whoever he was, he was obedient. He slid down and thrust into me without hesitation. And he fucked me like his life depended on it. He slammed and thrust and pumped and grinded without cease – hard and fast. And when he was done? He kissed me goodbye and went back to his room.

I never did catch his name.

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The Silent Fuck

I may never experience the pleasure of a plush-carpeted orgy, but I will confess to once having sex in a room with other people in it.

Back in my University years, I had a friend who went to graduate school in the US. One weekend my boyfriend and I picked up her boyfriend for a road trip down there. Being the cheap kids that we were, we of course all shared the same room. Off and on we had separated from each other all weekend. My boyfriend and I found ourselves alone in the room for a while.

What is it about hotels that make one automatically frisky? Is it the novelty? The fact that so many others had had sex in that same room? In that same bed? Countless other naked strangers had found the same allure in that cheap room. Seduced by the talentless artwork and barely tolerable linens.

How many other college girlfriends teasingly rubbed their boyfriends’ cocks through their jeans there? How many sips of cheap wine had induced adolescent girls to strip off their tops and pinch their own nipples temptingly as their boyfriends grew hard in appreciation of the show?

The ghosts of a thousand sexual encounters encouraged us as we lay on the bed half-dressed, his fingers in my panties rubbing my clit while I nibbled on his earlobe and reached to unfasten his belt.

But he stopped me. The thought that the other couple could walk in at any moment didn’t energize him with the same level of dangerous eroticism that it did me. The heightened excitement in the possibility of getting caught that heated my blood and quickened my breath only made him nervous.

We readjusted out clothes, and as it happened, the other couple did walk in a few minutes later. We all watched a movie together then settled down to sleep.

But our previous activities didn’t leave my boyfriend completely untouched. I was content to go to sleep, but he had other ideas. While the thought of being walked in on a few hours earlier turned him off, the thought of fucking me with another couple just a few feet away in the bed next to us seemed to create the opposite reaction.

It suddenly struck me as unfathomable that such a scenario had not occurred thousands of times before. Two couples sharing a hotel room. Two double beds. How could it be possible that not once before in that very room had both couples not simultaneously succumbed to temptation?

That never before had two young girls found themselves mirroring each other in the same sensual movements? How erotic would they find it – to glance over and see another woman straddling her boyfriend the same as her? To begin unconsciously grinding her hips in the same rhythm as the other. To arch their backs at the same moment. To have both men’s cocks thrusting into their wet cunts at the same time, with the same movements.

Would the men find it equally arousing, or would they become competitive? Which one could make their partner moan louder? Orgasm faster? Who could last longer?

Would the girls begin looking at each other differently? Would the sexually charged current in the air cause them to become curious? Would they suddenly long to touch the other’s breasts? Taste each other’s tongues? Pull each other’s hair and bit the other’s nipples?

Of course none of this happened that night. As it became clear to me what my boyfriend had in mind, my only concern was stealth and quiet. I think my partner took perverse pleasure in how hard it was for me to remain silent.

I slung my leg over his, and felt him enter me – his thrusts were hard but short as we attempted to prevent the bed from betraying our movement. I glanced over and whispered that I thought that the other couple’s breathing implied they were asleep. He grew more bold and dirty- thrusting harder and faster while I bit his shoulder in an attempt to release what I couldn’t vocalize.

For all I knew the other couple was doing the same thing in the pitch blackness a few feet away. Perhaps they weren’t asleep at all, both of them with their underwear bunched around their ankles like mine and my partners. Perhaps he was under the covers plunging his fingers in and out of her wet pussy. Maybe he was biting her nipples and rubbing his hard cock against her cunt in equally limited movements like ours, while she clutched the blankets and buried her face against her pillow.

Perhaps her boyfriend was fucking her even as mine was thrusting into me. I know that my encounter was intense but brief. The situation allowed for limited creativity and eventually the need for discretion caused us to finish up quickly.

I wonder how it was for them?

Old Boyfriends…

I dated him when I was 21. He’s the one who liked to watch me masturbate – have I ever mentioned him? A completely different person than I was accustomed to spending time with. I was in university in an honours program. I rarely drank and never gave my family any cause to worry about me. I was surrounded by friends on their way to becoming doctors, lawyers, psychologists and a menu of other white-collar professionals.

His world? Well, the collars in his world were mostly blue. His friends got together in someone’s basement every weekend and drank. No one went to University. When we got together with my friends, his friends called it a “tea and crumpets party.” A comment like that was so surprisingly clever and witty for them that I couldn’t even get offended.

But we got along well. He was proud and encouraging of my education. He actually didn’t drink much and often we left the beer parties early- by his choice.

He didn’t always want sex either. We could sometimes end up going a month between sessions due to scheduling and not being alone and one other curiosity. Occasionally he would simply tell me that he didn’t want sex that night.

Generally this announcement came out of left field, and rarely when I was attempting to initiate any kind of physical activity. It was so odd that the thought never occurred to me to feel hurt or insecure by it. Although in retrospect, that seems like it would be the natural response for a girl that age.

I think it’s because he never gave me reason to doubt that I was sexy. The night we met was at a bar. He told me that we were dancing without even asking. He simply took my hand and stated it like a fact. The thought never occurred to me to say no.

As we swayed together he asked me if I knew the most sensitive part of a woman’s body. I arched my eyebrow and wondered how risqué he was going to be. I ventured a guess at the nape of the neck, but he insisted that it was the earlobe.

I disagreed with him and was shocked to find myself longing for him to demonstrate that he was correct. I was much shyer back then, and stopped myself from asking him to prove it.

New Year’s Eve that year I was staying at his place. It had been a while since we’d had sex and I went all out (or so I felt at the time) with the stockings and little chemise. He was quite entranced and spent a long time stroking my legs through the lace and nylon. It was almost too much for him and the sex was over quickly and he confessed that he nearly came when I emerged in the outfit.

He more than made up for it later though. The second time always lasts much longer and he fucked me hard and raw. So hard and raw that when he tried to initiate more the next day I protested that I was too sore. I was confident that such a statement would be a balm to any bruising that he ego might take at being turned down.

However, he simply smiled and slowly started removing my jeans and underwear. Wanting to be a good sport I complied and mentally decided to make the best of it.

It was unnecessary. He lay me down and proceeded to lick and suck on my clit. At that time of my life I was rather uncomfortable when anyone went down on me, but that day it was precisely what I needed. In very short order he had me moaning and clawing at his belt buckle, demanding that he fuck me.

Such was the pattern of our almost year together. We would have persiouds of no sex at all, and then when we finally did, it was as if al that time made us irresistable to each other. I’ve occasionally wondered if he saved it all up like that on purpose so it would be more phenomenal (and numerous) each time we actually did get together.

Even after we broke up and he married, he still told me how I did it for him more than any other girl. He even asked me for a striptetase once. Perhaps I should have complied….

Silk Scarves are so Sharon Stone…

Of course he could tie me up. How polite that he would ask. Why else did I have silk scarves in my bag? (Duchess trivia: ever since I heard what is most likely an urban legend (or was it a Stephen King novel?) about the woman who was handcuffed in a cabin and her partner died of a heart attack, handcuffs make me a bit squeamish. And not in a good way)

I lay there pleasantly sated and let him run the scarves teasingly all over me. Tickling. Tantalizing.

He seemed to be considering his options….
Eventually he stood me up on the ground, and tied my wrists above my head to one of the bed posts. Then he knelt down. Odd to see a man in this position.

He licked up my thighs and caressed behind my knees accidentally finding one of my hidden hot spots. I let out a gasp and he seemed quite pleased with himself, seeing the sudden wetness. He pulled my hips towards him and buried his tongue between my legs. But only for a few moments. Just enough to make my eyes glaze a bit and my breathing speed up.

Then he picked me up, hands still suspended above me and impaled me on his cock. My legs wrapped around his waist, back arched against the bed post. He yanked my hair back with glorious force and started sucking on my tongue. Then biting my earlobes, neck and nipples. I would have thought that this position would be limiting, but he managed to slam into me with surprising strength and stamina.

He eventually untied my hands, and lay on the bed. With my hands free I was able to play with his nipples, and scratch him while riding him. I do appreciate a man who can handle a bit of roughness without being a baby about it.

He then sat up, reached down and started rubbing my clit while I rode him. He held my wrists behind me and I again arched my back and just went with the sensations, almost losing the ability to concentrate on keeping up the rhythm with him.

I could have gone on like this forever, but suddenly I felt him thrusting a bit harder and faster, and then there was nothing but exquisite release…