Random Vignettes II

So one of my potential suitors called me an angel last night. Which of course I am. He then laughed at the irony of finding an angel in the Intimate Encounters section of a website. Hey- angels have needs too, you know?

Then I found a gentleman from the province next door. I mentioned that I had met one person from the site, and he wanted to know ALL the details. I felt like simply directing him to this blog. I don’t do erotica on demand. I asked him to relate some of his stories to me and suddenly he lost interest.

I got a message from a 73 year old man this week. 73. Hey, nothing wrong with wanting a little action your entire life. That’s cool. But honey? That’s my Dad’s age. No way.

I’ve noticed that most men on the site proclaim how much they love to give oral. Is that really true I wonder? Or do they just think that’s what we want to hear? I’m OK with blow-jobs, but I only occasionally crave it. So if my love is 50% of the time or less, I’m not going to get all gushy about my need for it in my profile. I do my best not to be misleading.

Now tonight I ran into the first person that I ever started talking to on the site. I remember that he was really sweet – but tonight, he was much more aggressive. He was quite insistent on coming over. Honestly, I thought he really wasn’t into me, because I actually emailed with him a few times and was only getting 3 word responses. I felt like I was carrying the team. I do need to be intellectually stimulated to get aroused.

And men? Seriously. Please practice your typing skills. I can totally play the coquette with 4 or 5 men at once before it gets tiring. I shouldn’t have to wait 5 minutes between responses for you. Especially when your comments aren’t that note-worthy.

Duchess out.