HNT- Duchess Edition

So many of you are posting your favourite HNT’s, and I haven’t done any. I must confess, I’ve tried- but I seem incapable of figuring out my camera’s timer- and my arms just don’t seem long enough to get what I want in the photos.

I will however post some of my attempts…
Hopefully by NYE 2009 I will have sorted it all out, and won’t know how to choose my faves (like most of you!)
Le sigh. I am not a photographer.

Anyhow, have a fabulous New Year my darlings! I’m so happy to have met you all in the past couple of months!

I’ve Never Sent Photos of My Lady Bits…

So these are some photos that I’ve been sent by random men on the internet.
I have to say – they neither impress me, nor turn me on.

I’m not making any criticism about their bits and pieces, I just have to say that these photos are not going to be either deal makers or breakers.

I mean what do these photos really tell me?
That they’re not shy?
That they have adequate photography skills?

Do they tell me whether or not these men will make me writhe and moan in the bedroom/couch/ car/kitchen table?
Do they tell me whether or not I’ll get wet just thinking about them?
Do they tell me whether they’ll slam me up against a wall, bite my nipples, pull my hair and lick my clit until I’m quivering?

Really, if they wanted to impress me- they would have included a few lines with it, telling me exactly what it is they would like to do to me with their cocks, hands and tongues…

Now that I’m over my potential pregnancy panic, I would really love to be fucked…like right now…