Vignettes VI

So it seems I’ve finally arrived – this blog just passed it’s 6 month birthday, and I’ve already been plagiarized by someone on an internet hookup site. Special thanks to Rose who sent me the email notifying me of such. Apparently the account has been deleted, but what’s to stop her from simply opening up another account right?

A note to all potential thieves reading this: we all work hard on these posts. My “process” (how bloody pretentious can I be here??) involves me writing most of my posts out in a journal- then re-reading and fixing, then posting it on here with more editing. (Shocking that my posts aren’t even better isn’t it?)

The point is, while imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery- we take the time to write something that people will find worthwhile to read – so to simply lift those words and claim them as your own is more than a little distressing. Blog writers give birth to their posts. They nurture them and make them blossom – don’t be lazy. Come up with your own thoughts and be honest.

*The Duchess now trips on her stilettos while stepping off her soapbox*

On a different note:
The smolderingly sexy Aurore gave me this award! Isn’t she a peach? (I bet she tastes like one too…)

There are rules and things to go along with this award:
You have to list 5 sexy things about yourself and tag 4 others.

Ugh – what an awful assignment! I don’t even know how to come up with one or two, let alone five! (help a girl out and include some suggestions in the comments, would ya?)

Here goes:
1. At the moment, I think it’s my writing. I do enjoy writing erotica- it’s a new hobby, but one I’ve quickly come to love.
2. My lips- I kinda like the look of them and all the things they can do.
3. I’ve been told that I have a good “phone sex” kinda voice when I try.
4. My hair- it gets delightfully mussed at all the appropriate times.
5. My legs- they do stockings and heels pretty well.


Now onto the good stuff – tagging others!

1. Ms Inconspicuous – she is by far the best writer I’ve found on the internet. Yes, she writes erotica, but I suspect she could do well in any genre.
2. I’m tagging Aurore right back- thanks lovey!
3. Kimberly – for bringing us all together in the “May I Seduce You” series each Wednesday.
4. The Minx– I love this blog, I’ve been reading it since the day I started my own…

Have a sexy weekend my darlings.

*UPDATE* I realize that Aurore at least night be interested in this: So I took all your advice and sent “Jacques” (whom you may remember from this, this and this post) the links to my fantasies about him. The response? None. Although I could tell by my stats that he did pass it around to some of his friends. I suppose that’s better than a freaked out threat of a restraining order, no?


A Long Slow Seduction Continued…

Continued from here

All I want is to savour each gasp, each movement. To truly be in the moment and relish each time his fingers tighten and when his body unconsciously opens itself to me.

I want to own him – to possess his desire. To command his lust. I want to wipe his mind clean of every other thought – to create in it one single-minded purpose. To want me. Only me.

His hands, his cock, his tongue crave only my taste, my touch. Only my cunt will provide him with release. We must consume each other.

As my cunt throbs at the very thought of him, as I drip with heat and desire, as I ache with wanting – so I want him to reciprocate a thousand-fold. My obsession isn’t enough. I want the very thought of me to create in him the same depths of arousal, of heat of hardness, or pure unrelenting blinding lust.

Kissing him, tongues hot and thrusting, nipples against each other, hands exploring, legs entwined…suddenly this isn’t enough for me.

I untangle my legs from his and before he has a chance to think or respond, my hand reaches up to massage his groin. Not tentatively. Not asking his permission silently – but hard. Demanding a response. Insisting on an answering groan and gasp of surprise. He knows what I want.

I crawl down towards his cock, licking and biting his nipples along the way…

Not a word has been spoken between us. What could we possibly say that would evoke the reaction I’m seeking? “I want you? Fuck me?” Words are inadequate. Nothing can express the fire he ignites inside me. Only action can demonstrate my need. Only the feeling of tongue, teeth and flesh against flesh can ever come close to creating the demanding response that I long for.

I unzip his pants and release his cock. It is hard, hot and larger than life. I’ve thought about this moment for what feels like an eternity.


I lower myself down and give it the taste that I’d only imagined until now. As I hear his initial gasp I feel my power…

Sex with a Goddess

Have I left you unsatisfied? Me too. Believe me, what I’ve written below is certainly not 24 hours of exploration. There’s a lot more I’d like to do with Jacques. I’ll tell you all about it soon.

But for now I’d like to introduce you to my latest conquest. The insatiably sexy Drew. Drew is responsible for several orgasms on my part over the last few nights. He’s given me endless stimulation and pleasure, yet asks for so little in return. Drew doesn’t seem to mind when I get a little loud. When I moan and writhe and touch myself. In fact, he demands it.

You see Drew and I weren’t alone in our encounters together. Drew introduced me to Artemis.
Are you all familiar with the Goddess Artemis? She was the goddess of fertility, and the hunt. And what does she hunt for? Artemis is on the prowl for heat and wetness and touching and sensuality. Aren’t all hunters sensual in a way? Stalking their prey – watching every move – observing their desires and eventually moving in for the kill?

Wondering what Artemis looks like?

You see my darling Drew is with Eden Fantasys (they of the supremely diverse adult toy collection). And he was kind enough to send me Artemis (an awesomely fun looking sex toy that he totally let me choose!) to try out and see whether she can get me all hot and bothered. And did she ever! I know it’s kind of gauche to kiss and tell, but I know that Artemis won’t mind.

The good, the bad and the sexy:

First of all – don’t mind the box. It demands four triple A batteries. So I of course tore apart some remote controls rather than wait until the next day to give her a test drive. But by triple A – they actually meant double A. Fortunately, I had those in abundance. However, it took me two scraped knuckles and a couple of broken nails to actually get the batteries in. Artemis was starting to look like a high maintenance girlfriend.

However, we moved into the bedroom, as I was determined to let Artemis prove that she was worth the cost of a manicure. So, I got naked and turned her on. And wow! Did she respond. Loudly. If discretion is what you’re looking for, Artemis is not the way to go. I think my neighbours could hear her. But since I’m a single girl, living alone – what do I care? A little noise wasn’t going to deter me.

Artemis has two parts to her. A clit stimulator and a rotating head. And as you can see from the photo, she has lots of little spindles all over her. She’s soft enough to be comfortable, and yet hard enough to be satisfying. Both of these parts have separate controls and can move faster, slower, simultaneously or alone.

Now perhaps it’s just me, but there is no way that I could use this for penetration. Call me a lightweight, but it was just too wide. That being said though, I still loved it. The rotating head creates an “alive” feeling that you can’t get from other vibes with shafts that you have to thrust in and out manually. At least this creates stimulation on it’s own. Especially with all the little spindles – even with you moving it, it’s still creating motion itself that sometimes hits unexpected places. So though I’m claiming it’s too big for thrusting, I still loved what it did for me.

So that being said, the clit stiumlator becomes a whole separate thing. Because I’m not using the shaft for penetration, if I’m using the clit stiumlator on my clit- the head is kind of just rotating somewhere further back- but not doing as much as it should. I almost found the clit stimulator to be a detail (although a nice one, as again- the little spindles are fun). The head itself can be used to stiumlate the clit too in a more firm way.

On the whole? I would give this 3 stars out of 5. Artemis is a fun date, but she didn’t do as much for me as I would have hoped.

Perhaps Drew would like to hand deliver my next plaything for testing??

A Long Slow Seduction

Other women want him. I’ve seen it the way they flirt with him and talk about him. They intentionally twist his words into innuendos. They brag when they have the opportunity to see and touch him.

What makes him so extraordinary? What is it about the man that makes me fantasize about meeting and seducing him?

How is it possible that the most innocent words on a screen can make me hot and wet? He scarcely knows I exist save for the odd blog comment and twitter reply. And yet I want him.

He writes nothing more than the most general aspects of his daily life. Nothing suggestive. he keeps his personal life private. But his words touch me. Cerebrally? Sometimes. Like a jolt between the legs? Often, upon later reflection of him.

So many blog meetings to choose from. The opportunity to be in the same place as him exists. And then? Would I play the shrinking violet or the smoldering temptress? So easy to write the temptress. Easier still to be the violet. A lack of confidence consumes me. This blog claims to be about sex, and yet the authoress has none. A brief stint, then simply resorting to theory and reminiscences.

What would I like to do with him? I think one full day and night would suffice. 24 hours to know him. To take my delicious time with every delicious inch offered.

The first touch- exquisitely prolonged, before a shred of clothing has been removed. A hand? A wrist? Running a finger down the nape of his neck? Teasing my nails through his hair? Breathing in his ear and flicking my tongue across his earlobe?

The unbuttoning his shirt one at a time – not tearing it off in the heat of passion, but slowly revealing more skin in tiny increments. Touching his chest a little bit more with each successive opening until it is finally off altogether, and he stands there exposed. Open to my explorations. With my hands lightly touching his back, his ribs, his nipples. My nails grazing and teasingly scratching.

My lips long to taste every inch of him. Tongue and teeth tease him while his nipples get hard and hot. Licking along his clavicle, feeling him gasp and reaching to touch me and pull me in closer.

To kiss him long and deep while massaging his shoulders and back. The finally pushing him onto the bed, onto his back so I can straddle him and run my tongue down his ribs and stomach. Further and further down towards his belt.

I would take off my blouse, slowly. Letting him have time to enjoy the reveal. Then off with my bra so I can lean over – running my breasts down his chest. My nipples getting harder and practically begging to be touched and sucked.

To feel him grown harder beneath me, I would lean over to kiss him again – flesh against flesh- our legs entwining together. Our tongues exploring each others’ and his hands reaching up to grip my back and bury themselves in my hair. Feeling him pull my head back and my back arching in response- our pelvises grinding against each other.

For the moment, that’s all that I would need. Naked torsos, lips, tongues and teeth. Hands touching and massaging. Legs opening to each other. Groins pressed up together, getting harder, wetter and hotter. This moment alone can be dragged on for hours – there’s no need to rush at all…

The Tease

I like it rough.

I want to feel man’s hard cock pressed up against me, straining for entry. I like to be pinned down, hair pulled back, and slammed into hard and fast. I want to feel like I’ve aroused him so much that he has no choice but to do it hard and deep, like he has no control over himself.

But tonight?

For some reason, tonight I’m craving something different. I want to be touched. I want to explore and caress. I want us to lie together, our hot naked bodies next to one another and I want to know every inch.

I want his hands to rub my back and legs. I want his fingers to caress my spine and tickle my inner thoughts. I want him to lick my earlobes and nipples.

I want him to balance over me and tease my cunt lightly with his erect cock. Slowly rubbing it back and forth across the slit until I’m moaning and writhing, but not actually entering me.

I want his palms to caress my ribs, running down to my hips. I want him to lift them up, squeezing my ass while he trails his tongue along my stomach and between my breasts. I want him to flip me over, and run his tongue along my spine while rubbing his cock against my ass.

I him to tickle his fingers lightly behind my knee- a move that always gets me wet and aroused.

I want to hear his gasp as I dance my tongue over his nipples and down his stomach. I want to run my nails lightly down his sides so he can’t decide whether to giggle or sigh…

I want to nibble on his earlobes and softly suck on the nape of his neck. I want to straddle him, put my hands under his ass and massage it while slipping my wet pussy over his erection until we’re both moaning and he’s struggling to angle for entry.

I want to run my fingers through his hair, and suck on his tongue while entwining my fingers with his over our heads.

And then I want him to fuck me. Hard.