Yeah, that’s not me.
In case you haven’t figured it out – I’m a brunette.

This is me:

See? Brunette.

Have I ever mentioned how I am in pink fluffy heart girl crush with Nancy at (Oh yeah, there’s a .com version for all you non-Canadians too). Nancy sent me this slinky little chemise to model for you all. So, that means you get both a review AND a HNT from me all at once! How lucky are you?

I would love to have someone ripping this off of me right now. It’s been…a while. Or at the very least, to feel some hot probing fingers reaching up under the skirt, caressing my thighs…rubbing my clit…fucking me with his hands…yanking it up to my waist and thrusting into me…

Because this? Is not meant for a sedate evening drinking tea and toddling off to bed alone. This? Is hot. And clingy. And translucent and revealing.
A girl wears this when she’s looking to get some attention. Not when she’s at home alone for the night watching chick flicks. Maybe for watching porn and reading some erotica.

Not a lot of details to be included really – the picture says it all. The one thing I will point out is that she’s pulling that skirt out. It really is quite form fitting with just a hint of twirliness of th skirt, and definitely see-through. You will want to be selective when choosing (if any) which slutty little panties to wear under this. Definitely black and lacy is the way to go.

It has pretty little appliqu├ęs and (thank Goddess!) the front rhinestone bow thingy is a pin that’s removable. It’s made of nylon/lycra and the instructions indicate handwashing (which in my lazy world means that I toss it in a lingerie bag on delicate sans pin – but feel free to follow the instructions just in case…) The cost is $39.99 CDN or American.

I will say that I really like it. I’ve been sadly lacking in hot little chemises meant specifically to seduce in. This definitely fits the bill.

BUT – this does not hide your sins. Beware, this isn’t what you would wear to disguise what you might want…disguised. I found myself positioning myself carefully when posing in the mirror, and deciding that I still had a few more pounds to go before I would be strutting in front of my french doors for the neighbours. (Or possibly after a few glasses of wine when I just know that I’m actually a supermodel – whichever comes first).

Duchess’s rating: 3.5 stars.