Vignettes VIII

My neglect of you all is absolutely unforgivable.

So why don’t I do a positively dull post about what I’ve been doing, and what’s on the horizon. Hopefully that will whet your appetite for some hot Duchess action to come, no?

  • I’ve discovered that I can take my Master’s research to an erotic place. Speaking with one of the professors in the program about my writing positively delighted her, and if I get accepted into the program, I can explore erotic writing, communities and women. I can’t express how positively thrilled I am at this turn of events.
  • I was approached by no less than 5 separate companies in the past week or so for reviews. Some of them will be done here, some on their websites, some both. I am hoping to find someone to take photos of the lingerie so I can contribute to some HNT action. I do that far too rarely.
  • I was supposed to meet “Ike” tonight, but due to some very dull circumstances not even worth mentioning, it is now postponed to next weekend. The same weekend I’m meeting Hamlet. Lovely. I think it’s better though, next weekend we (meaning me and Ike) can actually be alone, so I’ll know if there’s some real chemistry there, not just on screen.
  • Having someone say “I want to fuck you” even if it’s just via chat is very stimulating. I was surprised how that simple phrase resulted in such an immediate reaction out of me this week. So please, anyone here who likes my writing enough to think you want to fuck me? Please send me an email and tell me so. It will absolutely make my day. (Not that this post in particular will result in that kind of reaction – perhaps go to the side bar and read the Duchess’s O’s – much more representative…)
  • I forgot to mention this days ago, but I’m thinking about doing another “Choose the Duchess’s Adventure” series of posts. I have a poll up on the side – let me know where you’d like the adventure to start…
  • I got my first Lelo to review! I am positively wet with excitement, and feel like sending the lovely Christina at a fruit basket or something in appreciation.
  • Anything anyone wants to ask me? I’m all yours…


So I’ve been courted on a few different fronts of late.

You’ve heard about “The Couple” – that seems to have slowed down a bit. I think my reluctance to jump in with both feet has caused a bit of a cooling off period. While I am fairly certain that I could heat things up again with a bit of effort, I need to take the time to consider whether I really want to do so.

Then there’s Ike- someone who could charm his way into my pants without breaking a sweat.
A charming lad who says all the right things and has managed, without even trying, to get me hot and wet with simply a few lines of facebook chat. I confess, it’s my own insecurities that make me wonder whether he’s simply trying to “collect” me as one of the women in his list, and doesn’t actually intend to follow through with any of it. Apparently though, we’re meeting this weekend.

And finally there’s Hamlet. Sweet, kind, with nary a sexual innuendo in his messages. We’ve been messaging for months now, and have finally settled on a very casual meeting date in two weeks. I don’t know whether to be relieved, or concerned that my charms are so easily put off.

The blatant differences between the three men are actually laughable. I kind of feel like I have some sort of dissociative disorder being attracted to such a bizarre range of personalities.

It got me considering the possibility of keeping them all, and what separate compartments I would place them into.

The Couple I suppose would fit into “the lover” category. Straight sex, flirting and seduction. And while I have no doubt that they are an intelligent, interesting couple who would be worth spending time with outside of the bedroom…I can’t envision us becoming bff’s.

Hamlet? “The boyfriend.” I’ve attempted to insert some subtly risqué comments into our communications, but he chose to not run with it. Perhaps speaking of Beltane rituals was outside of his comfort zone? However, I absolutely adore talking to him, and am positively panting to see if there’s anything there that’s a bit less cerebral and more physical…

And Ike? I suppose he would fit into the “friends with benefits” category. The alarming rate that he “friends” seductively posed women on facebook implies to me that he perhaps isn’t looking for something exclusive with me. However, he’s funny and delightful – so I can see us having a hot romp, then giggling and watching movies every once in a while.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if life could in fact contain people in all these categories without the addition of feelings and other such complications? I don’t know how some of you manage to balance it all. I have absolutely no doubt that a life containing all these people would make me blissfully happy for about 5 minutes, then would blow up (messily) all over me.

I think that’s why the goddess invented fantasies.