High School Memories…

I think it’s sad that once we become sexual beings and get over the initial fear or apprehension or excitement of doing “it.” We stop just having fun.

Everything seems to only lead to the ultimate goal of sex.

Remember the way it was before you actually went all the way? The exquisite torture of letting him go a bit further each time? The first time you ever felt his tongue in your mouth? The first time he touched your breasts over your shirts? Then under the shirt but over the bra? Then when you finally took them both off?

There they were. Your breasts. For him to see. And touch. And Kiss. And suck. And Bite.
That was enough to keep you both entertained for hours.

And then he touched you between your legs. With your jeans still on.
And he lay on top of you, and you could feel his hardness. And you would rub up against each other in an intoxicating and frustrating simulation of the real thing.

He would unbutton your jeans. Maybe you would tell him that it wasn’t fair for you to get undressed if he wasn’t. Amazingly that wasn’t a problem for him, and before you had time to think about the consequences of a statement like that, he was suddenly in front of you with only a pair of underwear on.

Then he would finish unzipping your jeans, and maybe slide his finger across your panties along the way. That felt so good that you helped him slip your jeans off in the hopes that it might happen again. And now all the separates you are the thinnest slips of fabric.

He lies on top of you and grinds against you and it’s the most amazing thing you’ve ever felt. He’s licking your nipples and you feel his hand massaging you “down there.” He’s tentative at first, but as you breathe a bit faster and don’t push his hand away, he gains more confidence.

This can also go on for hours. But once you’ve hit this stage, it’s not likely that either of you are going to last much longer. Maybe it won’t happen tonight. But it will happen. Soon.

The next time the clothes slip off more easily. You’ve done it once, so why be hesitant now?
Now he’s on a mission. Your panties stay on, but he easily slips his finger up the side. You gasp with shock at this new development, but it feels so amazing. And now you’re curious about him. If he can make you feel this good shouldn’t you be returning the favour?

You slip your hand into his briefs and are shocked at how hard it is. And the fact that it’s also wet. And it seems so insistent and demanding somehow. A little bit scary, but in a hot dangerous kind of way.

You rub his cock up and down a bit and as he moans and breathes faster you realize that you must be doing something right. It’s hard to concentrate though, because of what he’s doing to you. You inadvertently squeeze the shaft a few times in an involuntary reaction to your own pleasure. He doesn’t mind the pressure though and you try to collect yourself.

For a while this sort of stimulation is enough. Maybe it’ll carry you through a few more nights. But then he gets more bold. He wants to fuck and he knows that if he can just get you both naked it’ll happen. So the next time he strips down. You can see him. And touch him. And you decide to taste him. Again tentative, but as he moans and buckles beneath you, you glory in the power that you feel.

Then he says he wants to make you cum, so he slips off your panties. Now you’re both kissing and gasping and his hands are everywhere. He lies on top of you and by now you’re in the habit of grinding. But this time there is nothing to prevent the inevitable. You’re both wet and slippery and not thinking about anything except each new sensation.

And then he’s inside you. And there’s no turning back…

This whole process in high school? Months.. (for me anyhow)

Now? Uh…10 minutes? Maybe?