So I’ve been courted on a few different fronts of late.

You’ve heard about “The Couple” – that seems to have slowed down a bit. I think my reluctance to jump in with both feet has caused a bit of a cooling off period. While I am fairly certain that I could heat things up again with a bit of effort, I need to take the time to consider whether I really want to do so.

Then there’s Ike- someone who could charm his way into my pants without breaking a sweat.
A charming lad who says all the right things and has managed, without even trying, to get me hot and wet with simply a few lines of facebook chat. I confess, it’s my own insecurities that make me wonder whether he’s simply trying to “collect” me as one of the women in his list, and doesn’t actually intend to follow through with any of it. Apparently though, we’re meeting this weekend.

And finally there’s Hamlet. Sweet, kind, with nary a sexual innuendo in his messages. We’ve been messaging for months now, and have finally settled on a very casual meeting date in two weeks. I don’t know whether to be relieved, or concerned that my charms are so easily put off.

The blatant differences between the three men are actually laughable. I kind of feel like I have some sort of dissociative disorder being attracted to such a bizarre range of personalities.

It got me considering the possibility of keeping them all, and what separate compartments I would place them into.

The Couple I suppose would fit into “the lover” category. Straight sex, flirting and seduction. And while I have no doubt that they are an intelligent, interesting couple who would be worth spending time with outside of the bedroom…I can’t envision us becoming bff’s.

Hamlet? “The boyfriend.” I’ve attempted to insert some subtly risqué comments into our communications, but he chose to not run with it. Perhaps speaking of Beltane rituals was outside of his comfort zone? However, I absolutely adore talking to him, and am positively panting to see if there’s anything there that’s a bit less cerebral and more physical…

And Ike? I suppose he would fit into the “friends with benefits” category. The alarming rate that he “friends” seductively posed women on facebook implies to me that he perhaps isn’t looking for something exclusive with me. However, he’s funny and delightful – so I can see us having a hot romp, then giggling and watching movies every once in a while.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if life could in fact contain people in all these categories without the addition of feelings and other such complications? I don’t know how some of you manage to balance it all. I have absolutely no doubt that a life containing all these people would make me blissfully happy for about 5 minutes, then would blow up (messily) all over me.

I think that’s why the goddess invented fantasies.

When Dreams Become Reality

He sucked on my nipple with exquisite pressure – flicking his tongue over it and blowing softly- sending shivers down my spine.

At the same time I felt a playful bite on my other nipple. He wasn’t as gentle as the one working on my other breast – I wouldn’t be surprised to see bruises the next day. A glorious reminder of pleasures experienced.

Yet a third tongue was trailing its way up my inner thigh. I gasped to feel it between my legs, sucking on my clit. More delicious bruises on my legs and thighs as he roughly spread them wider.

My arms were flung over my head as I writhed with pleasure. Gripping the railings over my head making soft gasps and mews.

The man sleeping next to me awoke. After a few moments watching me and seeing my hand reach down to touch myself in my sleep and hearing my quick breaths he could easily figure out what I was dreaming about. He decided to bring my dreams a bit closer to truth.

We were both still naked after a particularly rigorous session a few hours earlier. Both of us too exhausted to bother retrieving the clothes strewn everywhere.

He gently moved my hands from between my legs and replaced it with his own probing fingers. The his brought his mouth to my breasts as if he truly did know what was happening inside my head at that moment.

Still asleep I unconsciously arched my back and spread my legs for him.

The rhythm of my dream-partners subtly changed to more closes synchronize with what was happening to my body in reality. I found that my 3 dream partners merged into one – and that one was biting my nipples and rubbing his cock back and forth over my hot wet pussy.

And in reality? The same thing was occurring. Suddenly I found that my dream had become real. I was fully awake and participating in the action rather than simply laying back as a hazy by-stander, no longer merely a body being played with and enjoyed.

And the dream was a pale imitation of the real thing. And insubstantial thought is incapable of creating the dizzying sensations that a tangible tongue and hard body can.

My fantasy partners faded from my head- as ephemeral and inconsequential as any other dream in the wake of this new heat. This slamming of hard member into me – the digging of nails into flesh and shock of teeth on earlobe – nothing could be more vivid and exhilarating.

Fantasy Fuck: Sex With a Stranger

The cabin was huge and luxurious. I knew no one there save the host couple. A gloriously relaxing weekend lay ahead of me…there were about a dozen of us there in total, and each couple or single guest had their own room. Bliss.

That first night after dinner everyone decided to go to the bar in town – relishing the idea of the having the cabin to myself I opted to stay behind. I decided to take a shower, then snuggle into my bed with a book – I was tired from the long drive out to the lake.

The water pressure was surprisingly strong for a cabin and I enjoyed feeling the spray pounding my body. It soothed away all tensions, and as I lathered and caressed myself I slipped into a state of warm, moist relaxation. Feeling pleasantly wet and aroused I stepped into my room wearing nothing but a towel and a smile.

Suddenly I felt a hot body press up against me from behind- squeezing my breasts and reaching below my towel. Before I had a chance to feel alarm I felt his fingers slip between my legs and begin rubbing my clit. Then all I felt was heat and pleasure- my back involuntarily arching – thrusting out my breasts into his groping palm.

He yanked off my towel, turned me around and I found that I vaguely recognized him from dinner. It seems I wasn’t the only one who stayed behind. He was naked and his exquisitely cut body was already wet and hard.

Still rubbing my clit, he leaned down to suck my nipples – biting them with unapologetic and delicious pain. I moaned and found myself pressing tighter against his chest. He pushed me back towards the bed, so I lay with my knees over the edge, feet touching the floor. He leaned over and pinned my hands over my head with one hand, thrusting his tongue in my mouth and squeezing my nipple with his other hand. His hard cock rubbed against my cunt – back and forth teasing it – making me wetter and panting more with each passing second.

Then suddenly his cock was gone and my nipple released. But I had no time to register a sense of loss or disappointment before I felt a quick darting tongue between my legs. My hands still over my head, I clenched the blankets above me as he tongue fucked me and sucked up my juices.

Wave after wave of heat and pleasure rolled over me. I had no capacity for word or thought. I could feel myself shuddering and he sucked on my clit and made me orgasm for what felt like an eternity.

He was still hot and hard and I didn’t want him to leave before he’d fucked me. He was sstanding over me glistening and erect – so I sat up and began stroking his penis. The stroking changed to sucking and soon I moved back onto the bed and had him kneeling over me on all fours. Licking his shaft, massaging his balls, teasing the head with my tongue to taste his wetness.

I wanted to be fucked. I wanted feel that cock slamming into me. I wanted to be violated and used. So I stopped sucking and told him to fuck me hard. Now.

Whoever he was, he was obedient. He slid down and thrust into me without hesitation. And he fucked me like his life depended on it. He slammed and thrust and pumped and grinded without cease – hard and fast. And when he was done? He kissed me goodbye and went back to his room.

I never did catch his name.

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Black Panties

I lay on the bed waiting for him. Lacy black camisole and black panties. The hipster kind that are both demure, yet sexy all at once.

I lay on the bed caressing myself. Nipples erect, legs slightly apart, already hot and wet. I ran my hands all over my body – pinching my nipples under the camisole – stroking the lace of the panties, occasionally slipping my fingers inside to touch my own heat and arousal.

He entered without a word. Before I had a chance to say anything he was on top of me – tongue in my mouth, fingers entangled in my hair. I could feel his erection through his pants – rubbing with erotic friction through those black lace panties.

He bit my nipples through the camisole, then roughly yanked it off and tossed it away. He gazed at me hungrily- laying open to him on the bed- naked save for those panties.

I pulled at his clothes – tugging off his shirt, belt, pants and boxers. Those panties were the only thing separating us – those tight, black, lace panties that were becoming wetter with each passing moment.

Then he slipped his finger inside – sneaking in through the bottom. Rubbing my clit- never taking his eyes off me as I writhed and moaned. He slipped in more fingers and fucked me that way – seeming to enjoy the limited movement the panties allowed.

He lay on top of me pulling my hands over my head. He sucked on my tongue and rubbed his cock hard against me. He could feel the heat and wetness escaping those panties and moaned with anticipation.

I opened my legs wides and he reached down to rub my cunt through those panties – his cock still rubbing as well. Then he began to move down..socking on my nipples…running his tongue down my stomach until finally reaching the seam of those panties. With his teeth he slowly…agonizingly slowly began working them down, woth me arching my hips and doing everything I could to help…

He pulled them midway down my thighs and then stopped- leaving my legs limited capacity for movement and spreading. I still had the ability to be pleasured though as he licked and sucked on my clit, and fucked me with his tongue.

And when my moaning and gasping became too much – he yanked off the panties, threw them aside and impaled me with his dripping cock.

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A Long Slow Seduction Continued…

Continued from here

All I want is to savour each gasp, each movement. To truly be in the moment and relish each time his fingers tighten and when his body unconsciously opens itself to me.

I want to own him – to possess his desire. To command his lust. I want to wipe his mind clean of every other thought – to create in it one single-minded purpose. To want me. Only me.

His hands, his cock, his tongue crave only my taste, my touch. Only my cunt will provide him with release. We must consume each other.

As my cunt throbs at the very thought of him, as I drip with heat and desire, as I ache with wanting – so I want him to reciprocate a thousand-fold. My obsession isn’t enough. I want the very thought of me to create in him the same depths of arousal, of heat of hardness, or pure unrelenting blinding lust.

Kissing him, tongues hot and thrusting, nipples against each other, hands exploring, legs entwined…suddenly this isn’t enough for me.

I untangle my legs from his and before he has a chance to think or respond, my hand reaches up to massage his groin. Not tentatively. Not asking his permission silently – but hard. Demanding a response. Insisting on an answering groan and gasp of surprise. He knows what I want.

I crawl down towards his cock, licking and biting his nipples along the way…

Not a word has been spoken between us. What could we possibly say that would evoke the reaction I’m seeking? “I want you? Fuck me?” Words are inadequate. Nothing can express the fire he ignites inside me. Only action can demonstrate my need. Only the feeling of tongue, teeth and flesh against flesh can ever come close to creating the demanding response that I long for.

I unzip his pants and release his cock. It is hard, hot and larger than life. I’ve thought about this moment for what feels like an eternity.


I lower myself down and give it the taste that I’d only imagined until now. As I hear his initial gasp I feel my power…

A Long Slow Seduction

Other women want him. I’ve seen it the way they flirt with him and talk about him. They intentionally twist his words into innuendos. They brag when they have the opportunity to see and touch him.

What makes him so extraordinary? What is it about the man that makes me fantasize about meeting and seducing him?

How is it possible that the most innocent words on a screen can make me hot and wet? He scarcely knows I exist save for the odd blog comment and twitter reply. And yet I want him.

He writes nothing more than the most general aspects of his daily life. Nothing suggestive. he keeps his personal life private. But his words touch me. Cerebrally? Sometimes. Like a jolt between the legs? Often, upon later reflection of him.

So many blog meetings to choose from. The opportunity to be in the same place as him exists. And then? Would I play the shrinking violet or the smoldering temptress? So easy to write the temptress. Easier still to be the violet. A lack of confidence consumes me. This blog claims to be about sex, and yet the authoress has none. A brief stint, then simply resorting to theory and reminiscences.

What would I like to do with him? I think one full day and night would suffice. 24 hours to know him. To take my delicious time with every delicious inch offered.

The first touch- exquisitely prolonged, before a shred of clothing has been removed. A hand? A wrist? Running a finger down the nape of his neck? Teasing my nails through his hair? Breathing in his ear and flicking my tongue across his earlobe?

The unbuttoning his shirt one at a time – not tearing it off in the heat of passion, but slowly revealing more skin in tiny increments. Touching his chest a little bit more with each successive opening until it is finally off altogether, and he stands there exposed. Open to my explorations. With my hands lightly touching his back, his ribs, his nipples. My nails grazing and teasingly scratching.

My lips long to taste every inch of him. Tongue and teeth tease him while his nipples get hard and hot. Licking along his clavicle, feeling him gasp and reaching to touch me and pull me in closer.

To kiss him long and deep while massaging his shoulders and back. The finally pushing him onto the bed, onto his back so I can straddle him and run my tongue down his ribs and stomach. Further and further down towards his belt.

I would take off my blouse, slowly. Letting him have time to enjoy the reveal. Then off with my bra so I can lean over – running my breasts down his chest. My nipples getting harder and practically begging to be touched and sucked.

To feel him grown harder beneath me, I would lean over to kiss him again – flesh against flesh- our legs entwining together. Our tongues exploring each others’ and his hands reaching up to grip my back and bury themselves in my hair. Feeling him pull my head back and my back arching in response- our pelvises grinding against each other.

For the moment, that’s all that I would need. Naked torsos, lips, tongues and teeth. Hands touching and massaging. Legs opening to each other. Groins pressed up together, getting harder, wetter and hotter. This moment alone can be dragged on for hours – there’s no need to rush at all…

The Tease

I like it rough.

I want to feel man’s hard cock pressed up against me, straining for entry. I like to be pinned down, hair pulled back, and slammed into hard and fast. I want to feel like I’ve aroused him so much that he has no choice but to do it hard and deep, like he has no control over himself.

But tonight?

For some reason, tonight I’m craving something different. I want to be touched. I want to explore and caress. I want us to lie together, our hot naked bodies next to one another and I want to know every inch.

I want his hands to rub my back and legs. I want his fingers to caress my spine and tickle my inner thoughts. I want him to lick my earlobes and nipples.

I want him to balance over me and tease my cunt lightly with his erect cock. Slowly rubbing it back and forth across the slit until I’m moaning and writhing, but not actually entering me.

I want his palms to caress my ribs, running down to my hips. I want him to lift them up, squeezing my ass while he trails his tongue along my stomach and between my breasts. I want him to flip me over, and run his tongue along my spine while rubbing his cock against my ass.

I him to tickle his fingers lightly behind my knee- a move that always gets me wet and aroused.

I want to hear his gasp as I dance my tongue over his nipples and down his stomach. I want to run my nails lightly down his sides so he can’t decide whether to giggle or sigh…

I want to nibble on his earlobes and softly suck on the nape of his neck. I want to straddle him, put my hands under his ass and massage it while slipping my wet pussy over his erection until we’re both moaning and he’s struggling to angle for entry.

I want to run my fingers through his hair, and suck on his tongue while entwining my fingers with his over our heads.

And then I want him to fuck me. Hard.

Unfulfilled Fantasies

It’s the fantasies that make you unique. What happens in your secret thoughts – the things that you’re scared to share with your significant other for fear that they’ll give you “the look.” The disgusted judgmental look. Or even worse. The look that shows you that they’re trying to understand. The want to do this for you, but they just can’t manage it.

Disgust and judgment can be turned much more easily than the other. Such an extreme reaction implies fear and isolation. Perhaps you could introduce it to them in stages and they’ll convert. But the other? A lost cause.

So what are my fantasies? What do I reserve and share as the Duchess, but shelter from the Princess?

Perhaps the thought that one day I would like to participate in an orgy 0f sorts. I would like to just walk naked into a dark room, lay down on a soft cushioned floor and be open to whomever wished to partake of me.

To have that kind of freedom. Where I don’t have to impress or serve anyone. I don’t have to worry about ever seeing them again or doing anything other than just taking and giving whatever I chose.

Sometimes I don’t want to be an active participant. Sometimes I just want to lay back, be tied up and and feel a hot hard cock just slam into me. I don’t want to have to gauge his reactions and adjust accordingly. I don’t want to have to contort myself or monitor my teeth to ensure that they don’t do more than nip. I want to be utterly selfish and just experience the sensations.

I suspect that’s why these will never move beyond the “fantasy” category. Aside from a distinct lack of plush-floored orgy invitations coming my way, I also can’t justify being so selfish. Regardless of how primal and animalistic sex can be, I can’t imagine ever being so completely consumed by my own wants, that I stop caring about all else.