Tell Me What You Want to Do to Me…

That was the message that I sent to Link when he sent me his *ahem* photo.

And here was his response:

The water is warm and the spray has a nice pulsating action firm but not uncomfortable. I’m behind you cupping your breast gently squeezing your nipples as as soft moan escapes you lips.
I can feel you gently arch your back and as my hard c*ck gently part your p*ssy lips not penetrating but running the length of my rod. Rubbing against you clit,you fall into a nice rythm rocking against me coating my c*ck with your juices. I reach around and start working your clit, gawd you love it. You press your ass against me. You reach down and rub the under side of my c*ck….pressing against engorged clit.
I’m alternating licking and kissing your neck and ears,mmm you seem to like that. I start working my way way down your back continuing to alternate between licking and kissing. I get to the top of your bum and you arch even more… i know what you want. I start to tease you with the tip of my tongue. You place a leg on the edge of the tub, opening yourself to me. I sit between your legs the spray of the shower hitting me in the head…it doesn’t matter. I engulf your clit with my mouth..tracing circles with tongue. You start grinding against my face. I take my finger and slide it inside you, rubbing the the front wall of your p*ssy. Gently sliding my finger upwards mmmm I found your spot. I know it instantly.

I continue to stroke you as I pull a way for a moment to catch my breath.:) Mmmm I can actually see your juices flowing out of you, Gawd you taste like honey.I slide my pinky inside,coating it in you.I go back using my forefinger u seem to enjoy the thicker digit.:) But now tickling you ass with my pinky too. Gently massaging your sensitive asshole,slowly, over time,it isn’t until I feel you relax that it slides in effortlessly.
The combination of my mouth tracing circles around your cl*t while my hand expertly working your gspot and ass brings you to the edge.I can feel your leg start to shake and your p*ssy tighten around my finger. You look amazing,you must be bearing down as I see your pussy open you up completely,deep pink. Your legs finally give out and I quickly support you with my hands, finishing with just my mouth. It turns me on as I watch you convulse in pleasure, you really c*m hard,you have an awesome c*m face.You look hot. Mmm your juices thick and sweet, I don’t miss a drop. What a great way to start a night.:)

Not too bad.

Vignettes 3

So it’s been a few days- I apologise for inadvertently keeping you all in suspense. In response to Misstress M– unfortunately life got in the way and I didn’t end up managing to see Bunny Ears this past weekend. Damn reality getting in the way of fantasy.

The photo above? That’s the little box o’ fun that I keep beside my bed. A bit of erotica. A couple vibrators. Condoms. Nothing too exotic (yet).

So as a result of this little blog that is today celebrating it’s one month birthday- I have received a couple of emails this week. One from S in Vancouver, and one from M in Los Angeles. Welcome to the party gentlemen. I would love to meet each of you, it’s too bad that you’re not a bit closer to home. Perhaps we could meet somewhere in the middle?

So I sent Bunny rears a few suggestive texts this week. Just making sure he doesn’t start neglecting me. It resulted in the offer of a nooner, then asking what time I got off work, then wanting to come over late that evening. Then when I texted back that night, telling him all the things I was doing to make up for the fact that he wasn’t there, he offered to come right over. Too bad I had such a crazy work week- I almost let him come that night. In retrospect I kind of wish I had…Our bloody schedules are just not meshing at all…

Ok my sexy darlings, off to carry on with the whirlwind that is my life right now. I would kill for a few days off just to breathe….