So I’ve been courted on a few different fronts of late.

You’ve heard about “The Couple” – that seems to have slowed down a bit. I think my reluctance to jump in with both feet has caused a bit of a cooling off period. While I am fairly certain that I could heat things up again with a bit of effort, I need to take the time to consider whether I really want to do so.

Then there’s Ike- someone who could charm his way into my pants without breaking a sweat.
A charming lad who says all the right things and has managed, without even trying, to get me hot and wet with simply a few lines of facebook chat. I confess, it’s my own insecurities that make me wonder whether he’s simply trying to “collect” me as one of the women in his list, and doesn’t actually intend to follow through with any of it. Apparently though, we’re meeting this weekend.

And finally there’s Hamlet. Sweet, kind, with nary a sexual innuendo in his messages. We’ve been messaging for months now, and have finally settled on a very casual meeting date in two weeks. I don’t know whether to be relieved, or concerned that my charms are so easily put off.

The blatant differences between the three men are actually laughable. I kind of feel like I have some sort of dissociative disorder being attracted to such a bizarre range of personalities.

It got me considering the possibility of keeping them all, and what separate compartments I would place them into.

The Couple I suppose would fit into “the lover” category. Straight sex, flirting and seduction. And while I have no doubt that they are an intelligent, interesting couple who would be worth spending time with outside of the bedroom…I can’t envision us becoming bff’s.

Hamlet? “The boyfriend.” I’ve attempted to insert some subtly risqué comments into our communications, but he chose to not run with it. Perhaps speaking of Beltane rituals was outside of his comfort zone? However, I absolutely adore talking to him, and am positively panting to see if there’s anything there that’s a bit less cerebral and more physical…

And Ike? I suppose he would fit into the “friends with benefits” category. The alarming rate that he “friends” seductively posed women on facebook implies to me that he perhaps isn’t looking for something exclusive with me. However, he’s funny and delightful – so I can see us having a hot romp, then giggling and watching movies every once in a while.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if life could in fact contain people in all these categories without the addition of feelings and other such complications? I don’t know how some of you manage to balance it all. I have absolutely no doubt that a life containing all these people would make me blissfully happy for about 5 minutes, then would blow up (messily) all over me.

I think that’s why the goddess invented fantasies.

Random Vignettes…

Just a few little tidbits from the last few days…

I am speaking with Adonis far too much. I am starting to like him. My resolve is definitely wavering on this one. He wants me to meet him next weekend.
Whenever we chat on MSN he keeps changing his photo – just so I can see his general shape. but too distant for me to tell what he actually looks like. He said that I won’t get better photos until I agree to meet him and have sex.

I offered him second base next weekend in exchange for a photo. I haven’t received a photo yet, but this of course led to what the actual definition of second base is. His thoughts are a lot more liberal than mine. I’m thinking anything goes with at least underwear still on.

Tongue yes. Nipples yes. His erection and my wetness separated by the barest slip of fabric…

He seems to think that oral fits into second base. Third base is sex.
Home run is crazy dirty sex.

Any thoughts on this my darling reader or two?

Then there’s the out of town couple. They also want to meet me next weekend. They’re disappointed with my lack of naughty photos, so they want to rectify the situation for me.
They asked if I live alone, but I very carefully dodged that question. They may have just been curious to know if I was attached and cheating- but I wasn’t willing to give out that sort of info.
They also ordered me to get a web cam.

Which leads me to my next vignette. Kyle wants to know if I have a webcam. No.
That’s too bad – he wants us to “play together.” I was a bit surprised, but I suppose I should have expected that…it’s not going to be the last time I get this request…
He told me that he wanted to jerk off and have me watch. At this stage of the evening I noticed that Adonis had logged in, so I offered Kyle a rain cheque on the jerking off.

(Technological question: do we both need a camera in order for us to see each other? I.e if he has a camera, can I watch him?? Must do research.) Anyways, Kyle got all girly and bitchy- acted like I was blowing him off. (And not in a good way). Sorry Kyle- that kind of attitude is not gonna win you seduction points.

Then there’s Mr. America. He says hello and immediately asks me my chest size. I tell him I’m in the D’s. He then wants to know if I have large nipples and areolae. Nope, pretty average I would think.

We chit chat a bit. And he seems surprised that I hadn’t asked him about his cock size yet. I told him that I was more than happy to hear about it if he wanted to tell me. For the record: thick shaft, balls shaved, 8 1/2 inches.

Honestly, I think that men are more preoccupied with size than most women are. I mean really? The best sex I ever had was with a guy who was four inches. I know it’s cliché and all, but it really is all in how you use it.

His profile was kind of unclear, so I asked him where exactly he was in the world – in Vegas, or in Pennsylvania. He said that he wished he was in me. Cheesy. Between that, his size preoccupation, and the fact that it took five minutes between each comment he would type – I quickly lost interest.

I know I’m not looking for a deep meaningful connection and all, but c’mon men- I really would like a bit of repartee so I know that we’ll have something to talk about before and after. There has to be a few words exchanged here and there.

Which is my problem with Adonis. He was so fucking “horny” last night. We normally have these great chats. But last night it was interspersed with how much he wanted to put his tongue between my legs. I told him about the photography offer from out of town couple and he said that I should see him next weekend and he would take care of it. Apparently my stockings (see profile photo) really turn him on too. He says he wants to cum all over them.

Seriously, every time I’m done talking to him I either have to pull out my vibrator to release the tension, or last night it just ended in a really hot fast masturbation session. I don’t know how he does it to me with just words. I know very well that I’m not going to manage to stick to my resolve with him. Attached or not, all I want to do is fuck him.

Three’s Company

So last night I was propositioned by a couple.
They don’t live in my city, but said they’re coming here next weekend.

They asked if I’d ever been with a woman before, or if I’ve ever fantasized about them when I’m “horny.” (A little side note here – I hate hate hate the word “horny”. I will not use it. Aroused. Hot. Wet. In heat. Randy even. But “horny?” no. I just won’t say it).

Anyhow, the answer is no to both questions. I’ve never thought about women that way really.

Now that’s not to say I’ve never been curious to kiss a woman. And I have had a couple of times when meeting a woman that I’ve thought that if I were to ever be with one – she would be my choice. It’s just not something I’ve ever really thought about in depth.

I like men. I like the hardness of them (no pun intended). I like their rough hands. I like their aggressiveness (or if they’re not, I’m wishing they would be). And given the choice of going down on a man or a woman? No choice at all. I would far prefer to suck on a penis.

How do I know if I’ve never tried it? Well, I suppose I don’t. But for now – that’s where my interests lie.

They told me what they would like to do to me:
Pull my hair – nice.
Slap my ass- OK.
Put their fingers in my ass – mmm not so much.

I actually don’t know if I was speaking with the man, the woman or both. But they made it very clear that it was a package deal, and they would have no problem breaking me in.

I definitely got the impression that this was not their first time at this.

How far do I want to go with these experiences?
Attached men?

Sometimes I think I definitely had no idea what it was that I was signing up for. But a part of me feels incredibly liberated. Why am I so shy and repressed? Why not experience what the world has to offer? I want to see what’s out there and get to know myself and my body better.

Always with the caveat that it’s safe and does no harm…