The vast majority of my posts are either highly polished and edited, or throw-away reviews. It’s very rare that I just open up the program and begin writing – but that’s what you have here this evening. I occasionally feel that no one who reads this blog actually knows who “The Duchess” is.

I understand that it’s a persona that I’ve put on, and for the most part, people read a blog like this for the fantasy. But occasionally I wonder if anyone can actually feel any loyalty to, or relate with a person who never actually writes in their own voice.

So, this evening, you have a little bit of (topical) truth/confessions from the Duchess. Call it a stream of consciousness in bullet-form.

– I have never in fact kissed a girl. Sometimes I feel that I’ve missed out on something. And other times, I feel that kind of thought is simply generational. Did women my age 20 years ago lament their lack of intimacy with the opposite sex if they were not actually inclined that way?

– I find shaving my girly bits to be a pain in the ass. I mean seriously. Seriously. There’s a LOT going on down there, and having a razor scraping at my pink parts is just not something that I think the Goddess intended. I resent men who demand (or to be honest, even request) it.

– I’ve only had a couple honest-to-goodness one-night-stands in my life. Planned encounters with internet men don’t count in this scenario. For the most part, they were unsuccessful, since they were never with actual strangers. So someone always ended up getting hurt in the scenario. Annoying.

– I’ve never understood the pre-occupation with breast size. I’ve had men tell me that women all compare and compete with each other. I was confused about this, and mentioned that I never had. The response? “That’s because you’ve never been in a position to lose Duchess.” Oh. Yeah. I have a rack. I could cheerfully lose a couple of cup sizes and be perfectly content. I mean once you get bigger than a B or C – what’s the point? Really you just want to fill out a sweater nicely, right?

– I really struggle with my two personae – the Princess vs the Duchess. I over-compensate when dressing for work, out of fear of looking too provocative – so I often borderline on mousy. I want a man to seduce me with words and actions – but know myself well enough to wonder if I would ever really allow it in a spontaneous organic way. The Princessy control-freak in me really takes away the fun sometimes.

– Many of the men I’ve written about on here truly do exist – but I genuinely have no idea what to do about the ones I touch myself for in secret. I’m in awe of all the blogs I read where you phenomenal women seduce men seemingly effortlessly. I would kill for that kind of confidence.

Alright, that’s enough confession for one night.
I would love to hear your own confessions in the comments…