Vignettes VI

So it seems I’ve finally arrived – this blog just passed it’s 6 month birthday, and I’ve already been plagiarized by someone on an internet hookup site. Special thanks to Rose who sent me the email notifying me of such. Apparently the account has been deleted, but what’s to stop her from simply opening up another account right?

A note to all potential thieves reading this: we all work hard on these posts. My “process” (how bloody pretentious can I be here??) involves me writing most of my posts out in a journal- then re-reading and fixing, then posting it on here with more editing. (Shocking that my posts aren’t even better isn’t it?)

The point is, while imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery- we take the time to write something that people will find worthwhile to read – so to simply lift those words and claim them as your own is more than a little distressing. Blog writers give birth to their posts. They nurture them and make them blossom – don’t be lazy. Come up with your own thoughts and be honest.

*The Duchess now trips on her stilettos while stepping off her soapbox*

On a different note:
The smolderingly sexy Aurore gave me this award! Isn’t she a peach? (I bet she tastes like one too…)

There are rules and things to go along with this award:
You have to list 5 sexy things about yourself and tag 4 others.

Ugh – what an awful assignment! I don’t even know how to come up with one or two, let alone five! (help a girl out and include some suggestions in the comments, would ya?)

Here goes:
1. At the moment, I think it’s my writing. I do enjoy writing erotica- it’s a new hobby, but one I’ve quickly come to love.
2. My lips- I kinda like the look of them and all the things they can do.
3. I’ve been told that I have a good “phone sex” kinda voice when I try.
4. My hair- it gets delightfully mussed at all the appropriate times.
5. My legs- they do stockings and heels pretty well.


Now onto the good stuff – tagging others!

1. Ms Inconspicuous – she is by far the best writer I’ve found on the internet. Yes, she writes erotica, but I suspect she could do well in any genre.
2. I’m tagging Aurore right back- thanks lovey!
3. Kimberly – for bringing us all together in the “May I Seduce You” series each Wednesday.
4. The Minx– I love this blog, I’ve been reading it since the day I started my own…

Have a sexy weekend my darlings.

*UPDATE* I realize that Aurore at least night be interested in this: So I took all your advice and sent “Jacques” (whom you may remember from this, this and this post) the links to my fantasies about him. The response? None. Although I could tell by my stats that he did pass it around to some of his friends. I suppose that’s better than a freaked out threat of a restraining order, no?