The Greeks Really Know How to Make ‘Em

I talked to Adonis again last night.

He’s really working on convincing me to forego my earlier assertion that I wouldn’t be seduced by an attached man.

I found myself telling him about my favourite positions and what I would like him to do to me.

Apparently he’s OK with a little rough sex. Biting and hair pulling doesn’t freak him out like my last partner. Cause if my next partner whimpers like a little baby if I dig my nails in too hard? I might just have to laugh at him.

Not the best way to maintain the mood.

This is all brand new to me. Dirty talk and telling people if I shave or trim? This doesn’t normally come up in everyday conversation with me. I won’t say that I’m a prude, but I’m definitely able to just jump into erotica-mode on a whim.

But I feel myself wavering. I’ve spent hours talking to him for the past two nights, and after each chat session, I’ve had an equally intense vibrator session later on. Not many men have had the ability to do that to me.

I think I should branch out a bit. Get back onto the site, and not have private chats with my Adonis on MSN. The other men aren’t nearly as interesting, and don’t often make me laugh. But that’s probably best.

If I’m going to put myself out there for “intimate moments” with no strings attached? Well then I should probably put myself in the way of men who won’t tempt me to get…attached.


The Other Woman

Last night I spoke with a man who is Greek. I think I’ll call him Adonis.

He told me how sexy I was and how hot my profile was. I find it hard to take the flattery to heart since I hear it so much from all of them.

He confessed that he is in a relationship. He lives with a woman and they haven’t had sex in over a year. I quite enjoyed talking with him and wouldn’t mind meeting him, but I can’t bring myself to get involved, however superficially with someone who is married.

We “chatted” for quite a while. I told him about my sex toys, and why I thought that dressing up would be fun. I’ve never done it before, but it sounds enjoyable. I typically like lingerie, so I don’t see much difference between that and dressing up as a french maid.

He seemed to find my sex toy description quite riveting. He almost seemed jealous that he wasn’t able to use them like women can. He thanked the gods for the option of masturbation.

I can’t imagine what it would be like to be in a relationship and be constantly rejected for over a year. What must be going on in the woman’s head? Has she lost her libido altogether? Did something happen that she can’t bring herself to tell him? Is she cheating on him? Why stay with someone that you’re not attracted to? There’s nothing wrong with being friends with a man.

A part of me wants to give him a mercy fuck if anything. I mean it’s one thing to have a dry spell like I’m in, but to live with it day in and day out?

I’m sure I’ll chat with him again. We had a really good connection. He said that if I agreed, I would be the only person that he would have sex with. An empty promise. I mean he would still be cheating, so it’s hard to trust his words. But something made me feel like he was being sincere. But still, I think if I have the option, that’s a line that I should attempt to draw.

If a guy doesn’t want a relationship and just wants to have sex, that’s one thing. But to be in a relationship and have to fulfill that need elsewhere- I think that’s a much bigger issue, and I’m not sure that I want to be “that girl.”

Too bad though. He was really saying all the right things….