Playing at Sensuousness

I’ve taken quite a long time away from this place, though it’s never been far from my thoughts.
I even wrote a paper about erotica blogging and its impact on the evolution of female sexuality. It was riveting. Or so I tell myself.
And its true, my own sensual journey certainly happened while I was interacting with this wonderful community of bloggers, but I think it also allowed me to be open to new possibilities. And that was the most important outcome of what I will call “Era I” of this blog. But what that openness allowed me, was to explore new possibilities outside of the blog. To be willing to entertain completely new thoughts and feelings.
What I was fantasizing about before was naive, heteronormative and limiting. A liberal cis-gendered, heterosexual woman playing at sexuality. I now understand more the diversity of sensual movement and thought, the possibility of exploration with other people and what connection and intimacy could entail. That was completely missing from my previous encounters and relationships.
Men, women, transfolk, dominance, submissiveness, communication – all these ideas have come to have new meaning for me, and I look forward to sharing those thoughts, and examining them further.
This post is just an intro – but for those of you who read this blog before, you will find an utterly profound shift in its direction. While I may play at the idea of having a slave or being fucked hard in fantasy – I find I am much more interested in understanding my lived reality.


2 thoughts on “Playing at Sensuousness

  1. mollytopia says:

    I love Fiona Apple. ” Slow like honey heavy with mood” might be one of the best lines ever. I like your riff on it, too. I look forward to reading more. Totally digging the intellectual concepts of this post punctuated with getting “fucked” at the end. You’re brave and I respect it. See you soon.

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