I still want him to pin me down and fuck me. I want him to ride me hard, take me like he has no control, no other means of release than to slam his aching cock into my welcoming cunt.
After two years this has not changed. My fantasies, nameless strangers, Hollywood pretty boys, hot men at work, on the street – all have faded into a vague recollection of what used to inspire my writing here.
Now it is about him. His body. His hands. His tattoos. His enormous cock that took months for me to accommodate completely.
It’s almost alarming to me that someone can take over my desire, my daydreams, my nights so utterly. Perhaps it’s the distance – the fact that I cannot have him whenever I please.
I’ve worn out my favourite vibrator with slick anticipation of our next encounter. Starting off into space at work, practically feeling his fingers slipping into my panties, flicking my clit as he pulls them down. Willing him to appear before me, bending me over my desk and slamming into me.
He wants to hear about my fantasies – that I want to service him in front of a group of other men. To have him watch while I suck on his friends cock then fuck me from behind. His thrusts shoving his friends cock deeper into my throat, deliciously gagging me while I suck and moan.
I can tell him anything – how I fellated another woman’s husband, about the positions I fucked the man I was with while we were on a “break,” how many cocks I’ve seen, touched, licked and ridden.
I want him here now – pulling my hair, his tongue between my legs, grinding his beautiful cock into my throbbing cunt…

So This is What it Means to Be a Graduate Student

So this is what I’ve done the past two years:

Started a graduate program.
Met a man with whom I have regular sex.

My new pinup girl outfit – I am dying to find the
time to actually go out and wear it.

Made out with a girl.
Made out with another girl.
Made out with yet another girl, which included second base.
Had sex with a different man.
Went back to regular sex with the original man.
Took a course on pornography and erotica.
Fellated another woman’s husband.
Went to a sex club.
Went to a bigger sex club.
Went on a trip with a hot sex blogger.
Had two men show us their penises (penii?) outside of a club.
Met many nude models.
Am now considering joining the nude models by doing my own photo session to be posted on their website.

I have less than a month to go before my degree is completed.
And then? I will learn to write for fun again. I miss this place.
Will be back soon.