When in Rome II

Now, in the spirit of full disclosure, I didn’t completely strip. I was wearing just the cutest little matching bra and panty set, so I mostly ignored the (very ugly) towels supplied and strutted around in that.

So, Kimberley, Topaz, The Victim and I crawled up onto a bed close to the entrance and looked around in curiosity. Dimly lit, many beds, water, condoms, discreet security walking through, and couples fucking. It was amazing. I was genuinely impressed with how…professional and kind of classy it was.

And Skippy. Oh Skippy. Stroking mine and Topaz’s legs and taking it like a champ when we made it clear that neither of us had any intention of fucking him tonight. (Although Topaz implied that I should give him a mercy fuck. No thank you.)

And then I saw him. This dark chiseled specimen wandering around just kind of watching everyone. The girls (and The Victim) all told me that I should go “talk” to him – but I was temporarily intimidated by the prospect. Kimberley was increasinly engaged with The Victim and eventually Topaz and I decided to head back out. Kimberley handed me her shoes and her bra for the road and off we went, leaving Skippy behind (I kid you not) high fiving the fucking couples for a job well done.

I mentioned to her on the way out that we should have made out just to mess with him and she said that she would have been up for it. This was good to know.

Security stopped us as we were dressing to ask about Skippy. It seems that men should be attached to someone in order to be back there. Apparently voyeurism isn’t permitted? (Which even now makes me wonder what Chiseled Specimen was doing back there, as he appeared alone). We declared that Skippy was certainly not with us, and gave him leave to do whatever he wanted with him (although secretly hoping that he wouldn’t kick him out, since that would mean he would come find us).

Another drink later and Topaz was catigating me for my slut fail moment. Not any worse than I was castigating myself of course. With a shot of liquid courage, and the threat of last call looming we decided to head back to at least proposition Chiseled Specimen so the night wouldn’t be a total waste (for me anyways).

So back we went, undressed again and met Chiseled Specimen in the hallway. I admit, up close he wasn’t quite the specimen that he had seemed from a distance, but I plunged ahead anyhow. I said something inane and he invited the two of to the back. Topaz trailing along in support, knowing I wasn’t quite up for going it on my own. I confess, to me he seemed a lot more interested in her than in my charms, and who could blame him, but he certainly didn’t seem turned off by my attentions nonetheless.

Topaz, however is much more perceptive to men’s signals than I, and clearly noticed that he was much more interested in watching than participating. Before I knew it, she was straddling me and had her luscious tongue in my mouth. And my darling readers, that was the highlight of the night for me. Topaz. Her lips, her tongue, her breasts and her body. They changed all my perceptions on being with a woman.

At that point I couldn’t have cared less about Chiseled Specimen. She could have gone on kissing me all night. I craved more and more as the moments passed. I could see Kimberley watching us, and the Specimen was rapt. I touched her breasts and could feel myself heating up and my breathing increase…

Skippy showed up. Commentating. High Fiving.


Both of us started laughing and that was it. We tried to resume, but really? The moment was gone.

It was the end of the night anyhow.

We all headed out, got dressed and met up in the ladies room to debrief. It was a bizarre, hilarious, fun and profound evening. One that re-programmed some of my own proclivities and fantasies. For that, I have Topaz to thank. And Kimberley for her sense of wild liberation – if she hadn’t been so carefree and open to the experience, my life would not have been so affected.

I can’t wait to go back.

12 thoughts on “When in Rome II

  1. Kimberly says:

    I can't wait either! 🙂

  2. Hubman says:

    I've really enjoyed reading all of your perspectives on the night! Off to read Kimberly's account…

  3. Good lord, Skippy has the worst sense of timing in the WORLD. If you are lucky enough to see a moment like that unfolding in front of you, you don't high-five and whoop like a college kid, you shut the hell up and watch admiringly. :)Sounds like a lovely evening for all concerned. Thanks for sharing.– PB

  4. Miranda says:

    Good story. *high five*

  5. Aurore says:

    I am totally jealous that you and Topaz made out *pouts*

  6. Topaz says:

    Awe, I'm so flattered I was your highlight! And clearly, my dear, you were mine ;-)Aurore, we just have to meet up to correct that, now don't we?

  7. ED BULEY says:

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  8. Damn Skippy, for putting an end to your makeout session with Topaz! 😦

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. […] differences in how our bodies appear and feel and present. The first time I ever kissed a woman was here with Topaz. A truly intoxicating experience that immediately erased all thoughts of the nude […]

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