Latex: In Photo Essay Format


Generally, that word brings condoms to mind. At least to me. I can’t speak for all you dirty darlings.

However, once the sexy Nicole of sent me a super hot set of latex gloves and leggings – all my perceptions changed. The photo of the model looked fantastic – all slick and shiny and skin tight. Who wouldn’t want to jump me when they see me squeaking across the room in these things?

But of course we need to bear in mind that the sexiness that the Duchess would like to exude, and the dorkiness that she actually possesses sometimes creates painfully hilarious conflicts.

Now there are a few things to bear in mind when considering latex (Rubba) clothing.

1. It doesn’t generally arrive all slick and shiny like the photo. To get this effect, you’ll want to grab some “Rubba Glow” as well. It’s only $6.25 and really makes a big difference, as otherwise the product just looks kind of dull and almost…dusty.
2. It is not easy to get latex on. You’re going to want to powder yourself up, or maybe oil?
3. I don’t recommend this unless you are VERY confident in your body, and are relatively slim and hairless. Based on the challenges I had getting these products on, I wouldn’t reccommend it for the faint of heart either.

And now? A pictorial journey of the Duchess’s adventure with latex clothing:

So these are the gloves, and as you can see, I couldn’t get them on all the way. I have little wee hands, so clearly I just didn’t powder myself sufficiently.

Now for the leggings. Same difficulty as the gloves, so I really powdered myself. I was determined to make this work.


I love those shoes. Except when I trip in public in them. That’s just embarassing.

Then came the task of getting the leggings off. I think that could be worked into foreplay right?
Cause I know my bff enjoyed herself when yanking those things off of me. I’m sure a date would too…

So what did I think of this overall?

I like the idea of latex. And they have a pretty good variety on the site
But it’s certainly something that you have to plan and prepare for. And it’s certainly not something that you would add to just “spice things up a bit” – this is another level past the “vanilla with a wee bit o’ chocolate.”

But despite my difficulties with it, I kind of liked them. I would love to be able to strut around in them for a hot seduction night. I don’t know about the teddies and what not though – I would definitely want to be 100% powdered and hairless and even thinner to try that.

Duchess rating: 2.5/5.

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4 thoughts on “Latex: In Photo Essay Format

  1. Aurore says:

    I have to say that I love the way latex looks on people (I've seen a lot up close and personal these days) and you are brave to even attempt it :)I must say those leggings look hot, even if they aren't all shined up 😉

  2. Red Shoes says:

    I've 'stumbled' across some unGodly sexy videos involving latex… yum!!~shoes~

  3. Black Pearl says:

    I've always wanted to do a latex outfit but there's this movie that spoofed it. Was it Jim Carrey? I don't know, I just remember the dude gets completely stuck in it and is told by a friend to use powder and when that doesn't work to use oil and he ends up making paste. LOL…But I do so love looking at a slicked up, oily latex outfit!

  4. I'm new here, but I like your post … And, it's true, what you say about thinking condoms first when you hear latex … I giggle at some of the paint ads on TV, and my boyfriend just chuckles at me … Thanks for your support!

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