He Opened His Eyes…

They knew each other distantly, and then discovered that they were neighbors. This opened up the opportunity for the occasional visit, which gradually grew more comfortable and frequent. They both had work, so often these visits would equate to no more than him bringing over his laptop and working beside her while she studied. Her office doubled as a guest room, so often this was done with both of them sprawled out on the spare bed.

It was quiet and serene, and soon he found himself drifting off into a doze. He opened his eyes with a start to discover that she too had curled up beside him to rest. Their bodies weren’t touching, but this was a technicality of mere inches.He gazed at her form beside him realizing that he had never really taken the time to appreciate it before. Her curves and skin were luminous, and he was shocked to see that she had a tattoo. He wondered what else was hidden in her depths and was struck with an impulse to explore her.

He hesitantly reached over and traced his finger down her arm, following a trail down her ribs, hips and thigh. It seemed he heard the softest of sighs escape her and was she suddenly a few millimeters closer to him? His hand grazed the back of her knee and it seemed that her back arched slightly, thrusting her pelvis even closer to him. His hands moved back up her leg, his thumb gently massaging the inside of her thigh.

Was she actually asleep? Her mouth opened slightly, but her breathing was still even. He wondered what form his caresses took in her dreams. Was he inside her head, or was some other man touching her? Still, she didn’t gasp awake in shock, slapping him for his presumption, so emboldened, he continued.

Perhaps this was a violation of trust. Perhaps this would be the end of their visits. But it seemed that she was tempting him. Teasing him with her body and her skin and her accessibility. He was prepared to deal with the consequences of his actions, no matter what form they took once she awoke.

A scant inch of skin was showing between her tank top and shorts. A tantalizing glimpse of her stomach just begging to be touched and licked. He grazed a tickling stroke before slipping his hand beneath her shirt. It was merely her abdomen – nothing that couldn’t be seen in public, but the fact that his hand was under her clothing, uninvited was so much more arousing…

He took a deep breath and lowered his hand. Beneath the waistband of her shorts. Slipping into her panties to touch her hot wet pussy. His other hand reached into his own pants to grip his straining cock. He could hear her breathing increase and knew that she was no longer asleep – though her eyes had yet to open. With this implicit permission, he no longer aimed for any kind of subtlety. He slipped fingers into her cunt and began to rub her clit.<

Without warning her tongue was in his mouth, and her hand was unzipping his pants. “Fuck me. Now.”
It was not a request.

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11 thoughts on “He Opened His Eyes…

  1. Topaz says:

    This girl in your story is so deliciously naughty! You've come up with some great closing lines, and this one is no exception. Great post!

  2. bdenied says:

    I loved .thiss post….very hot and the photo was just the icing on the cake…thnaks for taking over this week for the group post…

  3. Oh, how delightful. You were right: you did indeed have a unique take and a lovely fantasy all lined up on this theme. It looks like they're going to be much closer friends very shortly.Absolutely excellent. Thanks so much for hosting this month and next, and for providing such a wonderfully detailed fantasy in inspiration.– PB

  4. What an erotic description of an event so many wish would one day happen to them. You write very well. I'm impressed.

  5. Petal says:

    Damn, thats hot, very, very hot!

  6. Hubman says:

    I like how this guy thinks! Hot stuff!

  7. Ronjazz says:

    A good man and a HOT woman…

  8. NAUGHTY WEB says:

    She is naughty and hot!

  9. Ms Scarlett says:

    Oh my, oh my, oh my….. LOVE it!Great take on the line!XO

  10. Good heavens. I've come over all unnecessary now

  11. southerngirl says:

    Not a request…. a need, a demand! Hot and lovely indeed!!!xx

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