He Opened His Eyes…

They knew each other distantly, and then discovered that they were neighbors. This opened up the opportunity for the occasional visit, which gradually grew more comfortable and frequent. They both had work, so often these visits would equate to no more than him bringing over his laptop and working beside her while she studied. Her office doubled as a guest room, so often this was done with both of them sprawled out on the spare bed.

It was quiet and serene, and soon he found himself drifting off into a doze. He opened his eyes with a start to discover that she too had curled up beside him to rest. Their bodies weren’t touching, but this was a technicality of mere inches.He gazed at her form beside him realizing that he had never really taken the time to appreciate it before. Her curves and skin were luminous, and he was shocked to see that she had a tattoo. He wondered what else was hidden in her depths and was struck with an impulse to explore her.

He hesitantly reached over and traced his finger down her arm, following a trail down her ribs, hips and thigh. It seemed he heard the softest of sighs escape her and was she suddenly a few millimeters closer to him? His hand grazed the back of her knee and it seemed that her back arched slightly, thrusting her pelvis even closer to him. His hands moved back up her leg, his thumb gently massaging the inside of her thigh.

Was she actually asleep? Her mouth opened slightly, but her breathing was still even. He wondered what form his caresses took in her dreams. Was he inside her head, or was some other man touching her? Still, she didn’t gasp awake in shock, slapping him for his presumption, so emboldened, he continued.

Perhaps this was a violation of trust. Perhaps this would be the end of their visits. But it seemed that she was tempting him. Teasing him with her body and her skin and her accessibility. He was prepared to deal with the consequences of his actions, no matter what form they took once she awoke.

A scant inch of skin was showing between her tank top and shorts. A tantalizing glimpse of her stomach just begging to be touched and licked. He grazed a tickling stroke before slipping his hand beneath her shirt. It was merely her abdomen – nothing that couldn’t be seen in public, but the fact that his hand was under her clothing, uninvited was so much more arousing…

He took a deep breath and lowered his hand. Beneath the waistband of her shorts. Slipping into her panties to touch her hot wet pussy. His other hand reached into his own pants to grip his straining cock. He could hear her breathing increase and knew that she was no longer asleep – though her eyes had yet to open. With this implicit permission, he no longer aimed for any kind of subtlety. He slipped fingers into her cunt and began to rub her clit.<

Without warning her tongue was in his mouth, and her hand was unzipping his pants. “Fuck me. Now.”
It was not a request.

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May I Seduce You – Group Post

Hello All,

The darling Kimberly has asked that I take on the group post for June and July, as she will be away for a good portion of it.

I don’t have a list for all of you, so please email me at: peacocksandbutterflies@gmail.com if you want in!

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Gerard Butler and Little Black Panties

Has anyone seen this movie? I was relatively meh about it. Far too predictable for my taste, and the few funny moments didn’t outweigh the mediocrity of it.

However, it did have one semi-amusing scene that highlighted the sex toy that the darling Nicole of Adultsextoys.com sent me: the Berman Astrea Remote Control Vibrating Brief.

At first I was going to make a smart ass comment about her wearing black panties under a white dress- but then I realized that aside from it possibly just being a risque, fun thing to do – it was actually unintentional. So – moving on…

What did I think of this product?

Well first of all – let me say that there’s no way that the men at that table wouldn’t have heard the adult toy when it was on. It’s is loud. So I can’t really get on board with any advertising that implies that you can wear it out for some “subtle” or “discreet” stimulation. Not discreet by any stretch.

The panties themselves are relatively teeny – which is OK for some. And they’re stretchy too – the site says that they would be comfortable for up to a women’s size 10. I definitely wouldn’t wear these for comfort if you’re any larger than that. But who’s wearing them for that anyhow, right?

Here are the website deets for this sex toy:
Berman Astrea Remote Control Vibrating Brief Details:
Remote control vibrating brief provides discreet hands-free stimulation. Designed in beautiful stretch lace, comfortable and sexy. Mini-remote stimulator is contoured, compact, and removable. Remote control has a 12 foot range, and allows you to receive hands-free stimulation. Stretch lace is comfortable, machine-washable, and will fit up to a women’s size 10. Part of the Berman Center Intimate Accessories line. Products designed for women, by women to give you and your partner exactly what you need to optimize your sex life.
Category:Sexy Panties
For Body Part:Clitoris
Vibration:Hi-tech, Vibrates, Wireless

Price: $68.15

So what did I think of this adult toy? (Gotta love the instructions to use these phrases and links…that’s the last one, I promise!)

Well, as mentioned above- it’s loud, and the panties are not going to be something that I pull out unless I’m in a dire laundry emergency.

I also had to do quite a bit of adjusting to make the vibrator hit my clit in the right spot. And I certainly had to contort a bit and hold the position to make sure it stayed there. Once it was on, it was pretty nice though. Subtle, but still good.

The remote is more subtle than what you saw in the clip though. It’s small and black – not nearly as obnoxious as what they used in the film. It has one speed, and again – it’s relatively low intensity.

It does come with a delightful lavender coloured bag to hold it all, so it’s a pretty present if you’re so inclined to give it to a girlfriend.

But overall? Meh. Much like the movie – I experienced it once, and don’t really need to go back to it.

Duchess rating: 2 stars out of 5.

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