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Duchess Belinda DeSade

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I would like to thank all you sexy people who helped me create my fabulous new facebook account. And I am also commanding all of you to friend me. You wouldn’t want a Duchess to be lonely would you?

The winners of the contest?

Julietta wins the gift basket for her suggestion of “Duchess DeSade.” Darling I need your address to send out the package…
And Asha.Marie wins a runner-up prize of an EdenFantasys gift cert for convincing me to include “Belinda” in the name.

Honourable mention goes to RedVinylKitty because I agree wholeheartedly that “DuchessofDoom” is in fact epic. Didn’t quite set the right tone though my love, so unfortunately, I couldn’t use it.

I really just did this contest on a whim as a way to unload some of my excess, and am delighted that I got so much response. It looks like only 15 comments, but many people gave me several options within each comment. I love it! This was the most fun I’ve had on this blog in a while. I had a really hard time choosing.

Now go friend me already!

3 thoughts on “Contest Results

  1. Aurore says:

    I'm glad you enjoyed it – sorry I didn't participate, I'm actually not terribly creative with names. And sadly, I'm not starting another FB so we can't be friends 😦

  2. Juliettia says:

    I'm glad you liked my suggestions :D. I think Duchess Belinda DeSade sounds hot ;).

  3. redvinylkitty says:

    ^^ Oh, I think it is so cool that I got honorable mention. Mew! =^.^=

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