Twinkle and Slick

This is an entirely overdue post, and I would like to thank the kind folks over at Durex for their patience with me. Did you know they offered more than just condoms? Me neither!

They were kind enough to send me a few samples from their pick & licks line as well as a “Twinkle.” Sadly, at the time I had someone all lined up to try them out on – but that fell through, and so I’m giving a bit more of a theoretical promotion/review instead.

First of all: the Twinkle
A cock ring that vibrates for up to 20 minutes. How fun is that?! Can be worn with a condom, can be turned off and on. Kind of cool.

I imagine this is the sort of thing that can be enjoyed either alone, or with a partner. Not having a cock myself, I’m afraid I wouldn’t know. Hmmm…perhaps one could slip it onto a dildo and use it? Must try that…
Or even better, maybe I should offer to ship it off to one of my lovely readers in my contest from my last post

Then the fun came! They sent me a whole menu of items to choose from in their “pick & licks” line. A range of flavoured & textured & different sized condoms, as well as some lubes and massage oils. It was just like Christmas!

So I chose a range of each type of thing, and settled on a strawberry flavour. The flavour options were positively delicious: cherry, pina colada, orange, banana, strawberry and apple.

Now what to do with condoms when one is briefly sans partner? Well, this assignment of course forced me to use my imagination. I practiced my technique of putting a condom on a cock with my mouth on a variety of toys. Oh, and once those toys were properly sheathed? Well who needs lube? Off I went for some vibrating fun!

Now I do still have some condoms left over – so all I need now is someone to take advantage of them with me. Any takers?


3 thoughts on “Twinkle and Slick

  1. oh im in 1st. Pick me pick me…. ohhh pretty please pick me!!

  2. I would love to put those condoms to use.

  3. Ocean Sailor says:

    I'll be right over!!

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