So I’ve noticed that quite a few of you have facebook accounts for your online personas, so I thought I would do the same in order to better stalk you all.
Unfortunately, “The Duchess” or “Sexy Duchess” will not make it past the facebook police.

It seems I need an actual name.
I’ve always thought that my bar/fake name would be “Belinda” – so I considered going with that – but “Belinda Duchess”…well let’s face it. That’s a stupid name.

I’ve been thinking about doing a contest on here for a while. I have a lot of stuff that I want to give away – books, DVDs, lotions, toys that I haven’t actually used etc. So I think this will be the vehicle for the contest.

Whomever chooses the name for me that I actually use will win a whole pack of stuff from me.
I’d like “Duchess” to be in there somewhere please. Leave it in the comments, twitter message me, email me – whatever you’d like…

So: contest begins now, and ends next Friday, April 16.

15 thoughts on “Contest!

  1. Hubman says:

    I've noticed a number of bloggers who are on Facebook as well. For me, Facebook is pure vanilla and I just couldn't handle 2 Facebook accounts, I'd fuck it up eventually. And that wouldn't be good…Sorry, I've got nothing for names suggestions. I couldn't even come up with Hubman, my wife had to do that for me!

  2. Black Pearl says:

    DuchessWannaPlay like Don't cha wanna playDuchessWins

  3. how about Duchess Peacock Or Duchess Butterlfy?

  4. Topaz says:

    HereComesTheDuchess – Spelling of each word is subjective 😛

  5. Juliettia says:

    How about sum of the following…Camilla DuchessDuchess CoxDuchess DeSade

  6. Maggie says:

    DelectableDuchessorDuchessDesJoieswhich translates to "Duchess of Delights"orDélicieuxDuchesswhich translates to Delicious Duchess (although I think for French, you would put the words in the opposite order…been years since I studied French).

  7. redvinylkitty says:

    I kind of think that DuchessofDoom Is kind of epic. 😉

  8. Splendwhore says:

    1. Duchess Dolce(Dolce is Italian & means sweet, lovely, or charming)2. My Darling DUchess3. Deep-Throat Duchess4. My Daring Duchess5. Lovely Lustful DuchessI hope you like one of them! ^_^

  9. Timbo says:

    Duchess De LightDuchessDeLightDelightful DuchessDuchessDaringDaring DuchessDuchessDoMeThe DoMeDuchessThe Dirty Duchess:D

  10. jules says:

    Duchess Deliciosa

  11. asha.marie says:

    How about : Hot Duchess Belinda Its simple and it has Duchess and your "Fake" name

  12. Splendwhore says:

    Ooh, I thought of some more.Drop-Dead DuchessDominatrix DuchessDominant DuchessDuchess Derriere

  13. Gardenvy says:

    I've always loved the names: Charlotte Sophia Elvia (a name from my family's history)all would sound mysterious and lovely with a surname of Duchess.Charlotte DuchessSophia DuchessElvia DuchessSomething along those lines, makes for rather fetching name don't you think?or you can go with:Dutchless DuchessMeaning you never pay for your own dinner, and are always a treat!

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