I Want to Be Pounded…

I was tied to the bed posts, spread-eagled and blindfolded. Naked, bound and completely at his mercy. I enjoyed the feeling of helplessness – the relinquishing of all semblance of control…knowing that I am simultaneously the slave and the goddess – worshiped and adored. An object to be used at his whim, yet his intense focus, and each action was in the pursuit of giving me pleasure. A delicious paradox…

The room was chilly – my nipples hard for more than one reason. I shivered with anticipation, not knowing from which direction his attentions might appear. Would be begin slowly? Trailing his tongue down my collarbone? Nibbling an earlobe? Kissing me passionately as he massaged my breasts, letting his cock rest gently against my leg…?

He began with ice.

A hard, frigid cube trailed tantalizingly down my body, circling my nipples and running down my stomach. Up one thigh and down the other, finally taking it in his mouth and shoving it with his tongue up my aching cunt. My hot dripping pussy shocked and contracted, barely giving an innocent ice cube more than a few precious moments of life. He lapped up the remains then stretched up to blow on my nipples. Indescribable the simultaneous feeling of hot and cold. Rock hard, freezing breasts coupled with a cunt hot enough to burn.

It seemed the ice was just the beginning of the feast. I soon felt what smelled like honey being drizzled down my chest and down…quickly followed by a flicking tongue.

Then I smelled chocolate. I couldn’t figure out why since none of it seemed to be poured onto me. Then without warning I felt his cock shoved into my mouth. Chocolate-covered cock. Delicious. I licked and sucked and swallowed as best I could without actually being able to see or handle it.
I must have been doing alright though, as I could hear him grunting and gasping as he began to rhythmically thrust into my mouth.

I felt his fingers probing between my legs…two, three fingers thrust in roughly fucking me and rubbing my clit. He thrust in time to my sucking and soon we were both moaning and panting. Suddenly both the cock and fingers vanished and I let out an involuntary sigh of disappointment and loss.

This was quickly replaced with a gasp of pleasure as he slapped my cunt with his cock and rubbed the head against my dripping slit. He told me that he wouldn’t fuck me unless I begged. I was his little slut. His whore and I’d better show him just what a dirty little animal I was, and that I deserved to be fucked like one.

I could barely articulate between moans, my brain could scarcely form a coherent thought – but I begged. I told him how I wanted him to ram his cock into me so hard that I screamed, that I was his trinket to do with as he pleased – for him to use me however he saw fit – that I needed him to fuck me now – hard – fast – please – Oh God – please take me….

Thankfully he obliged. He gripped my hips and pounded into me, hard and bruisingly. Relentlessly his slammed his cock in and out, his balls slapping my ass and I did indeed scream and moan, begging him not to stop…


6 thoughts on “I Want to Be Pounded…

  1. 1manview says:

    This was a great read, very erotic…

  2. CW says:

    Fantastic post….Dare I say….delicious? *snickers*;-)CW

  3. Andy says:

    Wishing you a good pounding.

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