Float Like a Butterly…

You’re in bed alone. You’re feeling a bit….restless, so you decide to bring out your favourite vibe.
It hums and quivers against your hot flesh. You’re quickly brought to orgasm and you fall back sated.

Yet something is missing…
You’ve been satisfied, but it’s not the same. It’s not the same as climbing on top of a hot man and riding him until you’re both sweaty and screaming.

You find a man. A hot, hard, glistening man. Laying in your and staring at you…erect and waiting. You straddle him and feel his cock plunge in and out of you with uncontrollable abandon.

But something was missing…
He doesn’t vibrate.

What to do? You want to ride, and you want to vibe.

Well darlings…it seems that my darling Christina at Tabutoys.com has once again given us the answer:

The Madame Butterfly Pillow Stimulator.

Isn’t this the absolutely most fantastic thing you’ve ever seen?
I know. Me too.

So here’s what it’s all about: (website deets)
Features include an inflatable tube-pillow with a removable strap-on clitoral stimulator, and a removable multi-speed 2.25” x 1” bullet to provide you with varying pleasure and excitement. The controller requires 2 AA size batteries, not included, to get this butterfly soaring. (Pillow accommodates up to 300 pounds.)

And what did I think?

Well after I got over the initial feeling that I was balancing myself ridiculously high atop the bed and hoped no one happened to peep in the window, I squirmed a bit to get myself comfortable.
I have to say, when you find the right spot, you know right away. I went from calmly dealing with the logistics to orgasm in a few seconds.

OK, maybe that was just a bizarre coincidence.

The second time? Exact. Same. Thing.

Well, obviously it worked for me – so I am more than pleased to add it to my collection.
But there are a few things I want to point out if you’re considering it:

– This is not a subtle toy by ANY stretch of the imagination. The pillow inflates and deflates pretty easily, so that’s fine – but once you’re on it. Yeah, there’s some height. This is not a toy that you just pull out for a minute or two on a whim. This toy is something you plan to use.

– As well – while the vibe itself is loud – it does muffle (of course!) once you’re riding it. But since this isn’t a toy you’re going to pull out when you’re concerned about discovery – who cares, right?

– The clit stimulator is designed to fit into the vagina – it’s quite unique. I have to say though – it does smell like new toy. Kind of a sweet rubbery smell? Not unpleasant, but definitely noticable. I have no doubt it will fade.

As for cleaning? Well it’s made of rubber, which means it’s not the easiest. And the best lubes are water-based (always) and silicone is OK too.

Final point? The vibe is not cordless- so that may need to be negotiated a bit…(more logistics)

My rating?
I give it a solid 3.75 out of 5. I really liked it, but can’t quite give it top marks.

Definitely worth considering for something fun and different.


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