He was part of a swinging couple that appeared to have a great deal of laxity in their rules and boundaries. Although I hadn’t pushed him to find out exactly what the limits were.

He realized that I had a love of erotic writing, so he decided to seduce me with his words. He was a writer himself, and so he teased me with it – sending me the story in tiny increments, but demanding a steeper payment for each subsequent chapter.

First he only requested feedback. Then he wanted to know my secrets. Enticing me to beg him for his…

After a night of steady emailing, he then sought me out in an adult chatroom, focusing on me almost to the exclusion of all others. This has become his habit.

He wanted to meet me. A glass of wine in a classy hotel. Just some talk. Nothing to make me uncomfortable.

But the night was frigid, and I’d already burrowed into my pj’s. The thought of primping again for a midnight rendezvous across town seemed an insurmountable challenge.

He expressed unending patience with my demurrals, but I wonder how long it will take before he accuses me of simply being a tease. It has happened like that all too many times before. Men don’t seem as concerned about the potential risks of succumbing to these kinds of temptations as perhaps they ought.

With a woman, size is not the consideration, since it’s unlikely we would ever have the strength to overpower you. Our ways are far more devious in making you our victims. Beware.

I don’t believe I’ve ever spoken with the female half of the couple. Disappointing. I admit that my attitudes have undergone a radical transformation in the past year or so. Now that I realize how mainstream it is for couples to seek out a third partner (generally a woman) I’m mildly curious to find out what it would be like.

Would they lavish all their attention on me as the shiny new toy? Or would be expected to be subservient and fulfill their needs? Am I capable of relinquishing all sense of shyness or propriety and simply escape into the moment?

The seduction that the male has engaged in is absolutely intoxicating. Not a day passes without some sort of communication from him – either a new piece he’s working on, or simply an invitation to meet. The volume of attention is flattering, I must admit.

Why do I hesitate? Out of fear of judgment? That I wouldn’t measure up to their standards perhaps? I don’t know. I won’t delude myself (or you) that I’m merely being cautious. To be honest, that thought (perhaps recklessly) isn’t even in my head…


6 thoughts on “Ménage

  1. Sometimes they do seek out the friendship of another man. That too is awesome.

  2. southerngirl says:

    Well, as we both know the most underutilized organ in our sexuality is the mind baby. He is drawn to your tapestry of words and thus curious to learn more about you.Sounds like the ball is in your court here…

  3. I've actually been approached by another couple for a threesome as well, though not quite to the extent you have (there are a lot of obstacles in the way before we could manage anything like a meet). Like you, I was flattered as hell to think someone would be interested. I guess how it works out depends on what kind of couple they are. I hope if you do decide to give in that you'll let us all know how it goes!– PB

  4. Aurore says:

    Well I guess the question is – what do you want to do. Not what should you do or what anyone else thinks you should do. No, this is all about you. sg said it, the ball is in your court. And really what's the harm in having a drink? You're obviously intrigued 😉

  5. Topaz says:

    I know all too well the trepidation of the threesome. The expectations. The curiosity. The ball may be in your court, but knowing how and where you want to hit it back is the question, and maybe that drink is the first step in figuring that out.It all sounds so interesting, you must let us know how this turns out!

  6. what is wrong withbeing a tease?what will you do? what you want.

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