Part 1
Part 2 of my co-written post…

The moment the door closes behind us I quickly slip my hands around her tiny waist rubbing my throbbing bulge against her perfect ass. Slowly sliding along her sides my hands hungrily grasp her firm breasts through her loose fitting blouse. My face buried in soft flowing hair she lay her head back against my shoulder as we grind our bodies together. I unhitch her bra through her blouse and pull her wet panties down to her ankles. She turns around to me after kicking her panties off smiling as she unbuttoned her blouse. I quickly threw my jacket and shirt to the chair while backing her towards the bed. While she pulled her blouse from her skirt I push her down to the bed running my tong up the inside of her thigh. She holds her breath as I hover over her moist patch slowly unleashing hot air between her soft shapely legs. I carefully work my way up to her neck to her waiting lips. Her arms and legs wrap around me as I grind my rock hard lump against her clit through my pants dry fucking her passionately. Her back arches as she begins to shudder, moaning softly. One small orgasm already and I hadn’t even gotten my pants off yet. She’d either been sexually starved or she was a nymphomaniac.

He certainly was eager- all over me once we stepped into the room. Didn’t even give me a chance to get my skirt off. But – I had to give him points for enthusiasm – and I do like a man who takes charge. I took off my skirt and worked on slowly, torturously removing his clothes as well. I could see him breathing hard, and growing increasingly impatient with my slow pace. Once he stood in front of me, I could see him proud and erect – and eager to resume his attentions. I pushed him down on the bed and wondered what he would do if I brought out the silk scarves from my bag. Only one way to find out…

“Relax and trust me,” she says while pulling something from her bag. I lay back on the bed and she sits down next to me. I reach out for her but she pushes my hands back down to the bed saying close your eyes for me handsome. She drapes a dark silken scarf over my eyes and with another wrapped loosely around her hand slowly traced down my chest. I feel her hot breath as she lightly nibbles and kisses along my neck. Again I reach out to hold her and she gently returns my hands to the bed saying nothing. Her hair bathes my body as she moves down my chest. I clutch the sheets tightly as she continued to slowly move down wondering if I can hold back my growing passion from her erotically charged tease…

Since he seemed unable to keep his hands to himself, I tied them up too – leaving him lying there, blindfolded and helpless, and completely vulnerable to my whims. I lay my naked body next to his and took my time rubbing, tickling and licking him all over – occasionally running a bare leg or breast over him. He never knew from which direction the next moment of stimulation might come. He moaned and writhed, and arched his erect cock towards me wanting more than anything for me to focus my attentions there. Men are such simple creatures in some ways – always looking for the easiest route to the destination, while ignoring the delicious journey. However, I could see that he couldn’t last much longer, and I hadn’t had nearly enough worshipping of my own body done yet…

Now helplessly tangled in the web she’s spun around my tightly bound wrists. I feel her straddling my face and the smell of her sweet honey pot get stronger as she places her knees across my outstretched arms. I strain to see but will let my nose lead the way as I lift my head from the pillow trying to taste her sweet smell. She pushes my head back down with her moist curly patch, pinning my head against the pillow. I instantly plunge my tongue through heavens gate as she moans loudly bucking her hips on top of my blind folded face. Her hot sweet honey starts to trickle down my chin as she grinds her curly patch ever so slowly across my hungry wet tongue. Her hands move behind my head locking to her shuddering honey pot and she moans loudly again covering me with her orgasmic flavour. Coming back to her senses she leans back slapping my rock hard cock saying being in control is a turning on more and more. The brief slap of her hand across my bobbing penis was almost enough to set it off. I hear her giggling as she climbs off my face and my mind races contemplating what she might do with her newly captured prey next….

By then I was done teasing. I wanted him to pin me down and fuck me hard. I untied him and told him to take me. Hard. Fast. This wasn’t romance, it was merely a night. A moment in time. I lay on the bed – hot, throbbing and naked and pulled him atop me, writhing underneath him, slick with sweat. I rubbed my cunt against his cock, tempting him until he lost all self-control. He pulled my legs up over his shoulders and plunged in hard and deep. I kept him at an unforgiving pace – I wasn’t looking for endurance, but for raw pumping. I arched my back and twisted my fingers into the sheets as he thrust into me- loud grunts and moans coming from both of us. There was no way the people in the room next to us could be ignorant, with our volume, and the slamming of the headboard into the wall.

My throbbing manhood works relentlessly in her hot slick pussy as my balls spank her perfect ass roughly. Quivering intensely she throws her head back into the pillow as she squirts her sweet honey, exploding into an orgasmic avalanche. I cover her mouth quickly to keep to wine glasses from breaking and the neighbours from ringing the front desk. I pull my rock hard tool from her dripping cunt and shove it into her panting mouth letting her taste herself.

Sated, I fell back on the bed and sighed with sublime release. We hadn’t even exchanged names, but it hardly mattered. He got himself dressed and slipped out silently. I wonder what his plans were supposed to have been for tonight?


5 thoughts on “Honey

  1. Topaz says:

    What a culmination! I love the wordless departure. I like the push and pull of the narrative. Wonderful work!

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