Silken Web

I was approached a few months ago to co-write a post with someone who had read my blog and followed me on twitter. And yes, I said months. It seems that co-writing something takes a lot more work than simply writing for myself. But finally, it’s complete and ready for posting.

It’s become quite lengthy, so I think I’ll split it up into 2 posts. I’ve italicized his point of view/writing. I hope you enjoy. Thanks to femdomfantasy for his patience with me.

I saw him across the room and something about him struck me. Maybe it was the way he held himself, or a look in his eyes, it was hard to define. But I knew that I wanted him. To know him. To find out what turned him on, and how I could make him want me. Little did he know that he had become my next victim. Could I find a way to seduce him into making me his as well?

She’s beautiful; as I carefully watch her, my previous plans seem to fade away, lost or even forgotten completely. The world feels surreal to me somehow; it feels like everything that happened in my life was preparing me for this timeless moment. But does she even notice me? Surly a women so breath-taking will be married or engaged at least. Her eyes enchant me, her smile warms me… but will I ever come to know her name? Craving her seductive stare I slowly pass by to see if her hungry eyes will follow.

I try to be subtle as he walks past. It seems that the gesture is done for my benefit, but I don’t want to look too eager. I look up at him from beneath lowered lashes and see him staring back. I tilt my head, indicating that he should sit next to me, and order myself a drink. I need to be open and uninhibited, and the wine warms and makes me more receptive to whatever he would have to offer. Not that the details mattered; I was willing to go along with whatever he might suggest…

Taking my cue from her friendly gesture I introduce myself and, greedily kiss her fragile hand. Gazing intently into her eyes she looks away for a brief second, offering me a drink while patting the seat beside her. Sitting at her side, I feel like the helpless prey entering her silken web – but what a seductive web she weaves. I order a fresh bottle of wine and we begin talking as if we were long lost friends. As I begin to feel the spirits from the wine and without any forethought, I place my hand lightly onto her tightly woven web while continuing to make passionate verbal love into her delicate ears. Will the vibrations from her curios prey trigger a quick and fatal attack or will she draw me closer into the heart of her seductive snare?

Hmmm, that was almost too simple. It seems that we both had rather the same intentions. Of course, once can’t anticipate how he might react to the reality of me already having a room available at the hotel. I’ve been disappointed so often to find that most men are simply all talk and no action. I leaned over to whisper my invitation in his ear; unable to resist the urge to simultaneously give it a nibble and run my hand along his inner thigh. And then I leaned back with barely concealed, bated breath to see what his response would be…

Her arousing proposal sends a powerful wave of lust and desire surging through my body! But was someone playing a joke on me? Could this really be happening? Perhaps I had just misunderstood the intentions of her whispers? The sign language I felt through her playful touch revealed her true desires, I hoped! I feel compelled to kiss her full red lips, to taste her long inviting neck! As she sits back in her seat, I turn and answer her question with a kiss. Surprised she tenses up but soon relaxes as I kiss her deep and passionately, disregarding our fellow patrons that quietly whispered as they glared at us. Our tongues mingled playfully, without concern for their prying jealous eyes. Without a sound I stand up and offered her my hand. Covering her mouth, she gasps then giggles as she notices the large lump she’d created in my trousers. With my arm still extended out to her, I cover the bulge in my pants with my other hand, smiling as her eyes return up to meet mine. “Your destiny awaits” I say, as I help her onto her high heels. Wrapping my arm around her slender waist, I hold her close to my side. She slips her hand into my back pocket rubbing her breast teasingly against my side as we make our way to the door. I’d called her bluff…but was she bluffing? Soon I would know as her hotel room is directly across the darkly lit street…

I led him across the street to the elegant hotel lobby. As soon as we were inside the elevator I decided to see just how agreeable he was. We were alone, so there was no immediate risk of getting caught – but of course the doors could open to another guest at any moment. I nibbled on his ear and rubbed the bulge between his legs through his pants. He moaned softly, but made no move to back away. However one floor later the doors opened to a young couple that seemed slightly tipsy. They eyed us up and down as I continued my attentions, which made me wonder if they might be interested in joining us. I wondered how shocked my partner would be if I made the offer….

Seemingly unaffected by the curious couple she continues to weave her silky web of seduction, easily manipulating her newly tangled toy. “I’m not letting go until I get what I need,” she whispers seductively into my ear as she squeezes my rigid cock through my pants. My rough hands eagerly roam around her sensuous curves fondling her firm breasts through her loose fitting blouse. My lips come close to hers and she can feel my breath on her sensitive skin as my hand disappears under her skirt. My fingers caress her inner thighs gently, just brushing her moist panties in passing with the faintest whisper of a touch. She writhes in anticipation of the sensation to come when suddenly the young man rudely clears his throat. She looks back at him as the doors to the elevator open…

It seems the drunken young lad was less aroused by the show we were putting on, and more annoyed. Perhaps out of jealousy that his date wasn’t offering the same attentions? The young girl was staring at us wide-eyed and intrigued, but it seemed that destiny was not leading us to know each other any more intimately. Perhaps for the best- as I probably shouldn’t divide my affections so early into my acquaintanceship with my current victim. The doors to the elevator opened and I simply led my conquest out the door – blowing a kiss at the young couple on my way out. I led him down the hall and opened the door- eager to see what his move would be once we got into the room. Would he be shy and hesitant, or rough and commanding?


4 thoughts on “Silken Web

  1. autumn says:

    oh my god. how very very exciting. i can't wait to read more! wow that's so inticing. i would have LOVED to be in that elevator with the 2 of you. i would have been aroused for sure.

  2. Meagan says:

    I agree with autumn, I really enjoyed this and look forward to part 2. I think being a part of anything having to do with writing, which allows you to bring your visions of expression/mindful thoughts to a canvass of written words is my ultimate dream. You do it well sweetie!

  3. I love the idea of collaborating with some of the writers I follow, but have never made the offer because I'm uncertain how they would react to it. If they all react as well as you do, then maybe I should have made the offer long ago! This was very well done. The two viewpoints seem to mesh well, and the story's taking us to very interesting places. And, of course, it goes without saying that it's very titillating. :)– PB

  4. Topaz says:

    I had to dedicate some time to this collabo… this is great how you feed off each other's energy! I'll save my full comments on the next post, which I hope to finish reading shortly.

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