The Replacement


17 thoughts on “The Replacement

  1. Aurore says:

    Ok where did you get that – I want one! 🙂

  2. southerngirl says:

    I'm with Ms. Aurore…gimme!! VERY sexy baby!!!

  3. Soul Powers says:

    Beautiful.. fits well and has 2 of my favorite colors. Gold and black. 🙂

  4. James says:

    That is very nice. HHNT

  5. NAUGHTY WEB says:

    Does it have a snap on the back?

  6. It's a rare bra that's actually functional AND lovely as well. Of course, the cleavage it's cradling is what really sets it off. :)– PB

  7. I better not let my wife see this. 😉 HHNT!

  8. Very pretty indeed!! (I can't wait to go bra shopping for my new girls. 🙂 Happy HNT!

  9. Petal says:

    Oh that is gorgeous….what a fabulous replacement!

  10. Hubman says:

    Very nice!Happy HNT!

  11. The Duchess says:

    I'll be happy to take orders my darlings. Just let me know your sizes and I'll pick it up for you or your wives/lovers!

  12. Sexy Bastid says:

    looking so damn good, love the HNT shot

  13. Andy says:

    That is a very nice bra, and looks fantastic on you. Just a great looking chest, and I don't just mean your boobs. That area above them up to your neck is sexy as hell. I just want to kiss and lick those concave areas at your collar bone – just lovely looking.

  14. CW says:

    That is a fantastic bra! Does it come in a 36 DD?

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