RIP My Favourite Bra


16 thoughts on “RIP My Favourite Bra

  1. Topaz says:

    I love the not-too-sheerness of it! but why RIP?

  2. southerngirl says:

    I can see why…it is lovely. RIP?? Did it die a slow death??

  3. Aurore says:

    That is beautiful. I have been looking for a kind of sheer bra forever and I can't find one!

  4. Kevin Lomax says:

    I'll rip your bra until it R.I.P. 😉

  5. Oh very sexy. I love it.

  6. Ms Scarlett says:

    Gorgeous bra! Did it die?HHNT!

  7. Anonymous says:

    WOW … Now it is my favorite bra pic. WHY RIP bring it back from the dead. How about a Favorite Bra Friday PIC …

  8. Petal says:

    Oh no….nothing worse than losing your favourite! Hate having to break a new favourite in! HHNT!

  9. Great photo, but what happened to your bra?

  10. Andy says:

    I won't ask the same question a 10th time. That is a lovely bra shot – very nice looking rack. Are those butterflies? And can you tell me where it got it? I know a girl who would LOVE that bra.

  11. The Duchess says:

    All: The underwire keeps escaping no matter how many times I sew it in. And those little suckers hurt!

  12. Hubman says:

    But you still have your boobs :-)Happy HNT!

  13. Black Pearl says:

    I love love love that bra!! And your tits look amazing in it…hopefully you'll find its stand in sooner than later and show it off for us!!

  14. Kimberly says:

    Gorgeous! Sorry to hear of your loss…maybe next week you will have to go without one for HNT in its memory!HHNT!

  15. Vibrator says:

    Very sexy! Love it! Pity its dead. Try find another like it!

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