Hot and Fruity

So there’s lube – which is awesome, and then there’s warming oil – which is spectacular…

The darlings over at Sex Toys sent me over some lovely new oil to get naughty with: Hot Stuff Warming Oil – Strawberry Topco

Now never having used warming oil before, I did a little research. My most pressing questions were thus: is it safe to use all over – i.e. will it cause any damage to my delicate little pink parts? How much should I use? Is this something that should just be delicately licked or can I slather it everywhere at will? What’s it made of? If it “warms” then does that mean it’s all chemically? What exactly does one do with warming oil? Just rub it around and blow on it? Seems like the novelty would wear off quick.

Oh so many questions! To be honest, I found it to be rather a fascinating project.

First of all – what’s it made of? Two ingredients: glycerin and flavour.
Now for those of us non-chemists – glycerin is a natural by-product of the soap making process and is all kinds of fabulous for the skin (in a moisturizing way…).
So yeah, moisturizer and flavour- not so panicky about my lady bits anymore.

Now what about the fun parts? What to do? How much?

Well, the “how much” question is something that you’ll have to find an answer to yourself. Call it a personal quest. But – I will add the caveat- it is an “oil.” So bear that in mind when pulling out your expensive silk sheets – a drop cloth may be in order.

What to do?

Well here’s my recommendation for an interesting, and thorough sampling of this product.

First: dribble some on – either yourself or your partner – who am I to make assumptions?
Rub it in a bit and give it a little blow. Feel the heat? Oh yeah.
Next? Give it a little lick. Mmmmm strawberry.

On a very basic level- this product is in fact what it advertises to be: strawberry flavoured and scented – and warming. Blow on it and it will send deliciously hot shivers all over you. Lick it and you get a sweet taste of strawberries. Gotta love a product that delivers.

Next? Well- it calls itself an edible massage oil- so why not rub it all over yourself/partner? Rubbing it also heats it up, and shall I remind you? Glycerin? Moisturizing! And really – when’s the last time you gave a massage that hasn’t led to sex ? Think of it as foreplay. Even with yourself.

Finally? Why not rub it on his cock or her pussy? Lick it, massage it, heat it up…
Have a partner? No worries about the condom my lovelies- rub it on – slip on the condom, and enjoy the resulting heat. The oil won’t have a detrimental effect on the protection…

On your own? Well I can tell you – rub a bit of this onto the toy and it definitely adds to the experience. Why not even run the tube under some hot water beforehand? Even hotter…

I did enjoy this product – once I did a bit of homework on the mundane details I began to realize the potential of something that I had never really put much thought into before.
It is messy though- so you do have to be careful using it – or have a much more laissez-faire attitude about cleanliness than I do.

Duchess Rating: 3.5 out of 5


3 thoughts on “Hot and Fruity

  1. BlueEyes69 says:

    Considering the oil, or something like it, as we speak. Have used Chinese Nympho Cream before and loved it, so this could be my next "experiment."Thanks!XOXOXOXOX

  2. Aurore says:

    I have never really considered this type of product mostly because I was concerned by why was making it "warm" but perhaps I should reconsider.

  3. RickStar says:

    fruity Lubs are Great for yummi Sex !!

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