Vignettes VII

Hello Lovelies.

It’s been a deliciously busy week, and all I’ve had time for are a couple of product reviews. I have another one to do for next week- and then a couple of exquisitely hot give-aways! I’m really looking forward to those – it’ll be nice to have the opportunity to actually give something back to you all!

A few housekeeping things to fill you in on:

  • Remember Jacques? Well I had sent him an email with links to those posts telling him that he was my muse, then didn’t hear back from him. Disappointing but not entirely unexpected. Then a few weeks later he did respond. He thanked me for the thoughts, and indicated that he probably couldn’t measure up to the fantasy. At least I’ll give him points for being polite. He’s adorable though, and the month of not hearing back essentially cured me of that crush. Who wants to be a more appreciative object for me?
  • Has everyone gone to show some love to my darling Mlle Aurore? She’s been a bit under the weather lately. Go shower her with lust and affection…
  • I’ve been noticing an over abundance in traffic from Singapore lately. Although I don’t seem to get any comments from said visitors. Hi all! I’m dying to know how you found me. Is anyone else noticing this trend?
  • Has anyone else ever noticed that this sort of writing tends to make everything around you ultra sexualized? Quick glances at photos look phallic, innuendos I never would have picked up on before. It’s fantastic! Makes the day much more interesting.
  • Has anyone ever checked out Literotica or Lusty Library? Sites dedicated to erotic writing. If so, let me know what your usernames are – I would love to see your submissions.
  • Again, sorry for my scarcity of late. Things have been rather hectic with one of my extra-curriculars. Although it does mean that I get to see the man from this post a lot more often.

Talk soon my lovelies. Next week: some sexy give-aways, and a hot post about taking it from behind…

6 thoughts on “Vignettes VII

  1. I absolutely agree with the magnified phallic qualities of everyday objects and such, as well as the traffic from Singapore 🙂 Cheers,YLS

  2. Aurore says:

    Jacques is obviously a fool and has no idea what he's missing! ;)Thanks for the lovely thoughts babe! I could definitely use some love and affection!I am glad to hear that your extra-curriculars are picking up – lucky girl!

  3. Topaz says:

    Sheesh… some men… the nice thing is that there will be other (possibly more stimulating) muses?One of the wonderful therapeutic benefits of the blogosphere is relating all of it to RL, and relating RL to the blog world. I'm sure we see the sensual in things most people don't. Poor them.Singapore? Yes! I've noticed it as well. Sometimes that lurking is unnerving – at least leave a quick message once in a while that you've read / are reading… but I guess we're interesting enough that they are making the rounds? Take care hun!

  4. Andy says:

    Glad you're over the Jacques crush, only because he's obviously not worthy of you. You're looking for applicants to be the object of your affection? Where do we sign up? Have been sending love to Aurore. Glad you reminded us to do so. Singapore is a small place – maybe word has just spread. Maybe you'll get to rock star status there. 🙂 Nice to see you posting.

  5. jholliday says:

    I'm with you. When I go into "Swinger Mode" its like EVERYTHING turns me on! Unfortunately, when I'm not "on," being around others that seem to always be "on" bothers the hell out of me.

  6. Ms Scarlett says:

    Silly man… clearly has NO idea what he's missing. Dumbass….Looking forward to your next post!

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