Just Sweet Enough…

He slid into the booth, put his hand on my knee and kissed me hello.

He looked pleasantly surprised when he ran his hand up my thigh and discovered my nylons were actually lace stay-up stockings. As a result, his hand did not leave my upper thigh the entire evening.

We ordered drinks and engaged in the requisite small talk. Occasionally he would lean in to kiss my lips or neck. I didn’t mind – at least it was a clear signal that he was interested.

After a few hours of talking he walked me back to my car and leaned in for a final kiss. He had me pinned – my back to the car door, with one arm around my waist. Then without warning his other hand quickly slipped under my skirt and into my panties. My gasp of shock quickly turned into a moan as he thrust his tongue into my mouth and began rubbing my clit – immediately resulting in heat, wetness and my pulling him closer to me.

He began nibbling on my earlobe, whispering that he wanted to fuck me tonight- there in the parking lot- in the back seat of my car.

I hesitated. Torn between caution and desire. But I’ve never been a fan of car sex – it’s cramped and something that I associated with horny teenagers avoiding their parents, not consenting adults. Besides – I felt it was good to make him wait a bit.

That decision made in my head, I couldn’t help teasing him a little first – biting his lower lip and rubbing his crotch while I pretended to consider his proposition.

I could feel his cock straining for release, so I unzipped his pants to lightly caress it – glad for the moment that we were in a relatively isolated corner of the parking lot.

As I would about to send him on his way for the evening, he took matters into his own hands – yankming down my panties and lifting my leg over his hip. He rubbed his erect cock against my hot slippery cunt, telling me again how much he wanted me.

I moaned my acquiescence and felt him thrust into me at that same moment. No hesitation- outside the car in a public parking lot. He slammed into me hard and fast, and we were done before anyone had the chance to come out and notice us.

He demurely kissed me goodnight, told me that it was nice meeting me and that he hoped we could do it again soon.

I agreed with the sentiment.

6 thoughts on “Just Sweet Enough…

  1. Aurore says:

    And I thought making out in a parking lot was naughty!Very hot post!

  2. Confessor X says:

    Sxxxy post!! Parking Lot Sex…sneaky!!!

  3. Fuck that was hot!! Thank you for arousing my brain. "I could feel his cock straining for release". Fabulous. Now my cock is straining.

  4. Ms Scarlett says:

    Mmmmm… parking lot sex…How can something that sounds so wrong be so damn hot?! I love it!Great post Duchess!

  5. Topaz says:

    … and ya never made it to the car…. desire conquers!

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