Not Too Sweet

We hadn’t met, but oh how I wanted to. His profile was the perfect mix of proper grammar, playfulness and sensuality. I didn’t even mind that his profile photo was a shot of his penis. It looked good- large, but not obscene, erect but not covered in semen. It invited sucking- I felt it deserved some of my attention.

We emailed a few times. He was appropriately flattering of my own profile and begged for more photos. He wanted to know more about mu likes, dislikes, and most importantly; my limits.

He was open to the idea of threesomes and group sex and wanted to know if I felt the same. I am honestly more intimidated by the idea of a threesome than a group. The larger the number of participants the more fun, and less intense it seems. Less opportunity to be judged negatively. My own insecurities seeped through with this response, but he was pleased that I was at least open to the idea of both.

We were to meet a few days later- just the two of us. He was all I could think about while I waited for the day to approach. Something about this man touched me- in the most intimate and primal of places.

We were to meet in a lounge and I agonized over what to wear. One can only be so risqué in public, but I definitely wanted to arouse him visually. I settled on a black halter dress, stockings and obscene come-fuck-me boots. The neckline plunged invitingly and the dress hugged all my curves. And the boots? After a moment of indecision, I opted for the red rather than the black, with lipstick to match. Why not go for completely over-the-top?

This meeting was just to get to know each other. The idea of sex was still a few rendezvous off.
Since I’m a control freak, I arrived early and chose a seat where I could see him enter.

He looked exactly like his photo, so that was a relief. I could never understand why people would lie or send old pictures. What could possibly be the result other than anger and disillusionment? It’s like a betrayal- you’ve invested your time and potential trust in this person, only to find they’ve been abusing it. Then they think you’re shallow and son’t understand that it’s about the lie- not about aesthetics.

This wasn’t an issue with him though. He was just as delicious in reality as he was on screen. Clean-cut with just enough scruffiness to be fun. He looked…professional. Trustworthy. Competent. Sweet.

But not too sweet I hope…

To be continued


7 thoughts on “Not Too Sweet

  1. this entry is such a tease 🙂

  2. Hehe. Looking forward to more.

  3. myles96 says:

    … can't wait for the next installment.

  4. Aurore says:

    That poor man didn't stand a chance, did he? 😉

  5. Such a tease indeed, and I love red "come-fuck-me-boots". Will we get to see those sometime in the future? Fuck that's hot!! I hope he appreciated it.

  6. Ms Undecided says:

    Definitely looking forward to more!

  7. jholliday says:

    I can't tell you how many times we've found a couple online at, we email back and forth, we IM, exchange pics…only to find that once we meet, the photos were from 10 years and 20 pounds ago. I agree, exactly what do they think will be the response? "Well, I'm stuck here now. Might as well fuck them"?

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