Sex with a Goddess

Have I left you unsatisfied? Me too. Believe me, what I’ve written below is certainly not 24 hours of exploration. There’s a lot more I’d like to do with Jacques. I’ll tell you all about it soon.

But for now I’d like to introduce you to my latest conquest. The insatiably sexy Drew. Drew is responsible for several orgasms on my part over the last few nights. He’s given me endless stimulation and pleasure, yet asks for so little in return. Drew doesn’t seem to mind when I get a little loud. When I moan and writhe and touch myself. In fact, he demands it.

You see Drew and I weren’t alone in our encounters together. Drew introduced me to Artemis.
Are you all familiar with the Goddess Artemis? She was the goddess of fertility, and the hunt. And what does she hunt for? Artemis is on the prowl for heat and wetness and touching and sensuality. Aren’t all hunters sensual in a way? Stalking their prey – watching every move – observing their desires and eventually moving in for the kill?

Wondering what Artemis looks like?

You see my darling Drew is with Eden Fantasys (they of the supremely diverse adult toy collection). And he was kind enough to send me Artemis (an awesomely fun looking sex toy that he totally let me choose!) to try out and see whether she can get me all hot and bothered. And did she ever! I know it’s kind of gauche to kiss and tell, but I know that Artemis won’t mind.

The good, the bad and the sexy:

First of all – don’t mind the box. It demands four triple A batteries. So I of course tore apart some remote controls rather than wait until the next day to give her a test drive. But by triple A – they actually meant double A. Fortunately, I had those in abundance. However, it took me two scraped knuckles and a couple of broken nails to actually get the batteries in. Artemis was starting to look like a high maintenance girlfriend.

However, we moved into the bedroom, as I was determined to let Artemis prove that she was worth the cost of a manicure. So, I got naked and turned her on. And wow! Did she respond. Loudly. If discretion is what you’re looking for, Artemis is not the way to go. I think my neighbours could hear her. But since I’m a single girl, living alone – what do I care? A little noise wasn’t going to deter me.

Artemis has two parts to her. A clit stimulator and a rotating head. And as you can see from the photo, she has lots of little spindles all over her. She’s soft enough to be comfortable, and yet hard enough to be satisfying. Both of these parts have separate controls and can move faster, slower, simultaneously or alone.

Now perhaps it’s just me, but there is no way that I could use this for penetration. Call me a lightweight, but it was just too wide. That being said though, I still loved it. The rotating head creates an “alive” feeling that you can’t get from other vibes with shafts that you have to thrust in and out manually. At least this creates stimulation on it’s own. Especially with all the little spindles – even with you moving it, it’s still creating motion itself that sometimes hits unexpected places. So though I’m claiming it’s too big for thrusting, I still loved what it did for me.

So that being said, the clit stiumlator becomes a whole separate thing. Because I’m not using the shaft for penetration, if I’m using the clit stiumlator on my clit- the head is kind of just rotating somewhere further back- but not doing as much as it should. I almost found the clit stimulator to be a detail (although a nice one, as again- the little spindles are fun). The head itself can be used to stiumlate the clit too in a more firm way.

On the whole? I would give this 3 stars out of 5. Artemis is a fun date, but she didn’t do as much for me as I would have hoped.

Perhaps Drew would like to hand deliver my next plaything for testing??


4 thoughts on “Sex with a Goddess

  1. The Flirt says:

    Hmmm…can I volunteer my fingers as a sextoy for you? 😉

  2. Confessor X says:

    Great review and bravo Drew!!

  3. I appreciate! By using sex toys are very essential because this vibrator helps in increasing sexual health and also gives physical satisfaction also to males and females.

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