Unfulfilled Fantasies

It’s the fantasies that make you unique. What happens in your secret thoughts – the things that you’re scared to share with your significant other for fear that they’ll give you “the look.” The disgusted judgmental look. Or even worse. The look that shows you that they’re trying to understand. The want to do this for you, but they just can’t manage it.

Disgust and judgment can be turned much more easily than the other. Such an extreme reaction implies fear and isolation. Perhaps you could introduce it to them in stages and they’ll convert. But the other? A lost cause.

So what are my fantasies? What do I reserve and share as the Duchess, but shelter from the Princess?

Perhaps the thought that one day I would like to participate in an orgy 0f sorts. I would like to just walk naked into a dark room, lay down on a soft cushioned floor and be open to whomever wished to partake of me.

To have that kind of freedom. Where I don’t have to impress or serve anyone. I don’t have to worry about ever seeing them again or doing anything other than just taking and giving whatever I chose.

Sometimes I don’t want to be an active participant. Sometimes I just want to lay back, be tied up and and feel a hot hard cock just slam into me. I don’t want to have to gauge his reactions and adjust accordingly. I don’t want to have to contort myself or monitor my teeth to ensure that they don’t do more than nip. I want to be utterly selfish and just experience the sensations.

I suspect that’s why these will never move beyond the “fantasy” category. Aside from a distinct lack of plush-floored orgy invitations coming my way, I also can’t justify being so selfish. Regardless of how primal and animalistic sex can be, I can’t imagine ever being so completely consumed by my own wants, that I stop caring about all else.


8 thoughts on “Unfulfilled Fantasies

  1. Aurore says:

    *fans self*I have the exact same fantasy…it is lovely to think about being taken that way 😉

  2. God, that utter lack of control and/or regard would be so intense. I’m sure you’re not the only one with this fantasy.Quite sure.

  3. respectable says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Hmm. Sounds like you’ll need a legion of fans…who wants to participate? 😉

  5. eve says:

    It is all about control. Who has it, who wields it. It’s interesting that I finally feel in control of my life as a whole, but still want to be taken in the ways you describe. Thank you for your thoughts…

  6. To Visit My says:

    i like your blog……

  7. Andy says:

    (Deleted and re-posted. My multiple email accts are going to kill me.)I’ll admit to being an odd guy, and oddly reserved in some respects. But I think (not sure) this must largely be a girl thing. All I can do is shrug and think “If it works for you, great.” My guy brain just can’t get around this one.

  8. Ocean Sailor says:

    I have thought about this post for a couple of days, knowing what you said is something that is not that unusual. I’ve had a submissive say it to me and it was an experience to see her in action. I won’t go into details on you blog but sufficed to say she said it was quite liberating.If you want the full details then please drop me a note.

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