I’ve Never Sent Photos of My Lady Bits…

So these are some photos that I’ve been sent by random men on the internet.
I have to say – they neither impress me, nor turn me on.

I’m not making any criticism about their bits and pieces, I just have to say that these photos are not going to be either deal makers or breakers.

I mean what do these photos really tell me?
That they’re not shy?
That they have adequate photography skills?

Do they tell me whether or not these men will make me writhe and moan in the bedroom/couch/ car/kitchen table?
Do they tell me whether or not I’ll get wet just thinking about them?
Do they tell me whether they’ll slam me up against a wall, bite my nipples, pull my hair and lick my clit until I’m quivering?

Really, if they wanted to impress me- they would have included a few lines with it, telling me exactly what it is they would like to do to me with their cocks, hands and tongues…

Now that I’m over my potential pregnancy panic, I would really love to be fucked…like right now…


12 thoughts on “I’ve Never Sent Photos of My Lady Bits…

  1. Mr.... says:

    I guess these pics say everything and nothing at all. The thing is, our dicks are just tools (no pun intended) used in conjunction with other tools. It’s like they sent you pics of the tool without explaining what it can do and how it works to finish what the other tools started, thus defeating the purpose. Ok I’ll stop with the analogies. Next time they should include a detailed account that starts with rubbing your clit through your panties. Getting wetter, you beg to feel skin touch the tingling, wet opening of your pussy but are denied…. one thing leads to another…. and ends with you lying on your back, legs wrapped around hips. As you’re being fucked deep and hard, you’re held down on the bed by your hair. You start to cum and your stomach clinches, almost making you sit up, but the tightly pulled hair prevents it. You finally give in and cum forcefully, relishing the restraint….Of course there are plenty of details to fill in but something like that!

  2. Aurore says:

    Yeah I don’t really care for the pics either. Except for one…it is something I need to try – the owner did tell me, many times how he’d use it, so that helps πŸ˜‰

  3. Well, I do like the table in the background of the one – it has an Estruscan look to it. Lol, agree that wordless pictures are not anything but images without a story. Leaves me rather flat.Glad you are out of the woods on “the scare” – been there a little too recently due to a broken condom. Drama, anyone? πŸ˜‰

  4. Mike says:

    Most guys think that if the show you there cock that it’s a done deal like a porno movie. It tells you a lot since this is how they probably will be in real life.

  5. I never really understood the cock-shots-from-strangers phenomenon. Unless it’s attached to someone I know can make me squirm (and thus, hot by itself because it has context and familiarity) it just shows me that guys are fairly indiscreet. This also brings up the point–a cock unattached to a known owner or whole body is a mighty funny looking thing indeed–particularly when erect. *Sproing* *Giggle*

  6. I'm with you… I'd rather see a face shot… Or face & body. Don't these guys know that if we want to see cocks we can just go on the Internet? There are better turn ons than these photos…

  7. Are you saying you’d like to see MY face to go with the HNT pictures? LOL Actually, I get what you’re saying and I used to do that (send cock pictures), but I learned that the pictures mean nothing unless YOU want to see. LOL It was, in the beginning for me, a way to get my self-gratification…as my way of compensating for not getting any attention when I was growing up. Now, I’m an O.W.L. – Older, Wiser, Learned. πŸ˜‰

  8. Andy says:

    No matter how many times I see women say “stop sending dick pictures” guys don’t seem to get it. I think they are convinced of two things: that it’s all about the dick, and that their dicks speak for themselves.

  9. Hurray for you. I HATE dick pics. Disgusting. I will never see one and then be like, oooh, gimme some of that. Eeew.

  10. L. says:

    I’m giggling. Also giggling at CW’s Etruscan table comment.You’re bang-on, honey, though I suppose the photos provide empirical proof that they can achieve a hard-on and thereby get past the first two (imagined?) hurdles. These initial imagined hurdles might be (1) Do you have a penis? and (2) Can it be erect?Aim for the lowest common denominator, I guess.

  11. Winivere says:

    I think this guy is trying to warn you that he doesn’t have much to work with.

  12. I absolutely loathe the fact that the men’s category of Craigslist and such are FILLED with pictures of their members. I find it so disgusting. When you see a man in person, the first thing you look at is his face. Am I wrong? I’ve never seen a woman go up to a man in public, pull down his pants, and inspect his cock. It must be some sort of ego boost or something to send photos like that right off the bat. I’m still not sure. However, it must work with many women because I don’t see any decline in the number of men strutting their man-stuff online πŸ™‚

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