Variety is the Spice Of Life…

So, as mentioned Bunny Ears came over last night. He told me to be wearing something “trashy.” I went for more cliché than anything. The stockings and shoes in my profile pic, a lacy camisole and panties, a loosely ties short robe over it and a long string of pearls. Too much? Maybe, but it was fun playing dress-up…

I do enjoy a man who gets right to the point too. I barely got a “hello” out before I had hands and tongue all over me. The couch portion of the evening lasted about 2 minutes before I led him to the bedroom. I did however, force him to admire the ensemble I had put together for myself. He didn’t seem to care. The boy needs to learn to appreciate aesthetics more.

There was a very brief making out period before he decided that his tongue could be put to much better use elsewhere. He seems to be one of the men who actually mean it when he says he loves oral sex. Both giving and receiving.

He does like variety. A very thorough oral sex session for me, a little 69 action, followed by me riding him, then him on top of me, then me going down on him, then him going down on me, then a bit more of me on top, a bit more of me down on him…I think you get the idea….

All in all, I would have to say that all of the basics were covered. By the time it was all over, I was shocked that he could last an hour that way…

I even expressed a bit of concern that I just wasn’t doing my job properly, but he assured me otherwise. He simply seems to have full control of himself and can make it last and last…an excellent quality in a man.

I am completely sore all over today and would kill for a massage. But based on the reasons why? Well, I’m certainly not complaining…


4 thoughts on “Variety is the Spice Of Life…

  1. Aurore says:

    That sounds like a really good time ;)I can relate to the soreness but like you, I’m not complaining. It’s funny, I’ve been asked to don certain clothes by men and the first thing they do is throw them on the floor – sometimes I wonder why they bother to ask.

  2. Coquette says:

    I had a different comment, but got distracted by aurore.The clothes thing is interesting. Most don’t care that much. But there are a few that do. Infidel is one of them. He cares so much that he tries to leave my clothes on as much as possible during sex so he can see them. So… I am careless when I dress for other lovers, and save all my outfit-anguish for Infidel.LOVE the sore feeling. It sounds like you could find someone to give you a massage…

  3. We ask because we like it, the picture in our minds eye turns us on. The problem is when get to you and we see our vision in person. It is too much at that point in time. So do not think that it is not noticed because it is. That is why it heads straight to floor. Not out of disrespect for your thoughtfulness and effort but for me at least it comes from an instant stoking of the fire within us from the scene presented before me! So please take it as a compliment! Ohh and as to the men liking to give oral part, there are a few of us out there who do take great pleasure in doing that!

  4. L. says:

    I love playing dress-up and am always surprised how well the clichés work. Sounds like an excellent time with Bunny Ears. I’m going to have to go back and look at why you gave him that eponym. He certainly doesn’t sound “quick like a bunny” though perhaps you were thinking of the rather well-known masturbatory aid?

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