The Duchess’s Desires…

I am a sweet girl. Sometimes to the point of giving one a toothache. And I’m generally kind, considerate and understanding. What do all of these lovely adjectives result in? Everyone else getting what they want, and the Duchess simply accepting.

So tonight, I would like to put it out there to the universe. I want to say exactly what I want. Perhaps this will give me the power and confidence to expect it, and take it.

I have a date with Bunny Ears on Saturday. I want him to greet me at the door in scarcely more than a towel. I want him to feel his impatience as I take off my jacket and shoes. I want him to pin me against the wall, undo my jeans and slide his fingers into my pussy. I want to feel his teeth on my earlobes and his tongue running down my neck. I want him to pull down my panties pull my leg up over his hip and thrust his cock into me hard and deep. I want it fast and rough and impatient.

Then we can move to the bedroom….

I want a partner who shows me that he wants me with every look, touch and word. I want to know that I can have him at any time. I want a man who will wake me up in the middle of the night with his tongue on my clit. I want a man who will tie me up and blindfold me and make me scream in lust and beg for more. I want a man who is willing to lick chocolate off my breasts and honey off my cunt. I want a man who can talk dirty to me without sounding ridiculous. I want someone who will come to a lingerie store with me, make me model everything, fuck me in the change room and pick up the bill.

Is that all? Not even remotely…but it might be enough to ask for tonight.

What do YOU want?


9 thoughts on “The Duchess’s Desires…

  1. L. says:

    Oh, god, those last two? Yeah. That’s it. I want a man who won’t wait for me to ask; he’ll take. In fact, I want a man who can’t wait.

  2. Then date several men and keep them out of the loop about each other so you can have alllllll that at once. LOL

  3. Aurore says:

    Knowing what you want is half the battle. Here’s to hoping you find the man, or men who can give you what you desire. The lingerie thing would be very hot!I want someone who will be able to dominate me, to punish me, to force me to submit when I need it and pamper me and care for me when I need it.

  4. Mike says:

    While telling the universe is a good first step. Telling the man your with it would be better. Good luck.

  5. Coquette says:

    oh yeah.i want that too 🙂

  6. nice. very very nice!xoxoholly

  7. your blog is feel good……

  8. MisstressM says:

    You are killing me… did the date go?

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