Bullet Bitten…

So when I started this social experiment, I fully expected that I would bail on it quickly. I would get turned off by the lack of romance. Or I would simply not have the guts to actually meet anyone.
Getting offers didn’t seem to be the problem. It was my own follow-through that I doubted.

But today? Sunday afternoon? I met Bunny ears. I had a bit of a dilemma about how the actual meeting should go. It seemed the height of stupidity to simply go to his place before we had ever actually spoken on the phone….

Starbucks it was. I watched him drink a latté and suggested we go for a walk. The whole time we were talking, I found myself wanting to lean over and kiss him. That seemed like a promising start…We were very close to his place, and I didn’t realize that I led us right to his building until he pointed it out. As it seemed a sign from the Gods, I agreed that we should go in.

Honestly? I didn’t know if I would be following through with this or not. I was willing to make out with him and maybe a bit more, but I wasn’t convinced that I would go any further than heavy petting.

But you know how these things go…

I was actually surprised at how it went all things considered. He was sweeter than I expected him to be, not shy, but completely respectful.

He started out pretty traditionally, making out on the couch. Initially there was some porn on in the background, but it seemed a bit too cliché, so I had him switch it to “Footloose.” (Hey, it’s classic for a reason).

He actually didn’t try much more than kissing for a little while. He seemed content to do his thing, and follow my lead as I was more and more willing to shed clothes and let my hands wander. After we were both top naked and obviously about to lose the rest, I suggested we move to the bedroom and that’s where he got a lot more aggressive.

The second we walked in, I turned around and he had nothing on. I followed suit and without hesitation his tongue was between my legs. I have my moods with this – sometimes you can go down on me for hours. Other times, it’s too intense, and I’d rather have his cock inside me. Today was one of those days, but Bunny Ears wasn’t particularly interested in this request/ demand/plea…he just kept right on going…

It was only after some more writhing and telling him how much I wanted him to fuck me that he graciously indulged me. I was a bit apprehensive as he was hard and dripping as he was sucking on my clit. I was reluctant to manipulate him too much, for fear of it being over too quickly.

I didn’t need to worry about that. My other fear was about his size…talk about girth….
He penetrated me like a champion though…and soon had me gasping and moaning….

I came before he did, and was happy to see that he wasn’t one of those people who just never cum at all. A few minutes of me sucking on his cock did the trick admirably.

I stayed for a little bit, drank more wine until I realized I hadn’t eaten anything today and was getting tipsy, then he walked me to my car.

I have no idea what the rules are surrounding these sorts of encounters, but just thinking about him now gets me wet all over again. Now that the initial meeting is over, I would definitely be open to seeing him again and again and again….


4 thoughts on “Bullet Bitten…

  1. Jason X says:

    Good job. It’s all it’s cracked up to be. And more. Nice story. Nice sex. Get some more stories. I’ll be waiting to hear…

  2. Aurore says:

    Yeah for good first times! They are slightly addicting ;)I can’t wait to read more.

  3. Kate says:

    Glad you had some fun…

  4. Hmmm. Hope you’ll have a day when you can bear the sensation of a tongue on your pussy. More stories to follow, I hope. 🙂

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