The Greeks Really Know How to Make ‘Em

I talked to Adonis again last night.

He’s really working on convincing me to forego my earlier assertion that I wouldn’t be seduced by an attached man.

I found myself telling him about my favourite positions and what I would like him to do to me.

Apparently he’s OK with a little rough sex. Biting and hair pulling doesn’t freak him out like my last partner. Cause if my next partner whimpers like a little baby if I dig my nails in too hard? I might just have to laugh at him.

Not the best way to maintain the mood.

This is all brand new to me. Dirty talk and telling people if I shave or trim? This doesn’t normally come up in everyday conversation with me. I won’t say that I’m a prude, but I’m definitely able to just jump into erotica-mode on a whim.

But I feel myself wavering. I’ve spent hours talking to him for the past two nights, and after each chat session, I’ve had an equally intense vibrator session later on. Not many men have had the ability to do that to me.

I think I should branch out a bit. Get back onto the site, and not have private chats with my Adonis on MSN. The other men aren’t nearly as interesting, and don’t often make me laugh. But that’s probably best.

If I’m going to put myself out there for “intimate moments” with no strings attached? Well then I should probably put myself in the way of men who won’t tempt me to get…attached.


4 thoughts on “The Greeks Really Know How to Make ‘Em

  1. SexyWhispers says:

    Honey–I was like that a year ago. Now, The Marine says: I tune in to see how I am doing! It all hangs out…the best and the worst. You will not only get used to it…you will start to look forward to it! Enjoy and let it all hang out! ~~Dee

  2. Yes.. what sexy said with one caveat.. NOT with a married man. Sorry sweetie, but A.) don’t trust that he’s telling the truth and B.) don’t trust that he’s telling the truth. Plenty of unattached guys that you can have just as much fun with.

  3. Jason X says:

    Nah, go for the married guys too. Remember, it’s all about the content now. That’s some interesting shit…

  4. The Duchess says:

    Dee- I’m working on it- hopefully it’ll be natural soon…Paws- not that it’s any better, but they’re not actually married – but common-law is essentially the same thing.Jason X- hmmm, is it worth being the “other woman” for the sake of my blog? Interesting dilemma…

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